Yakima Transfer & Storage Company

USDOT # 1064270
1907 S 11th St
Yakima, WA 98903
Contact Phone:
Additional Phone: 509-453-4888
Company Site: yakimatransfer.com

Moving with Yakima Transfer & Storage Company

Understanding the pauperism of the customer is of great importance for nearly all services, like those here at Yakima Transfer & Storage Company.
Our moving and storage company can carry plus in your arena from your former space to your freshly residency. Customers have likewise disclosed to us that Yakima Transfer & Storage Company is the substantially in the area.
customers have likewise disclosed to us that Yakima Transfer & Storage Company is the most adept in this territory. Take our Yakima Transfer & Storage Company reviews below for check.

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I am redesigning my audit, since this move by organization goes well beyond to satisfy their client!

After I was done unloading I however I was feeling the loss of two or three things. You know what they did? They made sense of where the things may have been set and gotten back to me instantly!

The client administration was exceptional! Ron deliberately tending to every one of my worries and everything was altered instantly!

Much thanks to you so much Yakima Transfers! You folks are the best!

I had moved a ton for as long as 5 years, yet the experience I had with Yakima Transfer was excellent!!! I have never seen movers, that are so quick and neighborly and most imperative - proficient!

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