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9337B Katy Freeway, Suite # 113
Houston, TX 77024
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I have moved many times and it was always a very stressful and unpleasant experience. With Us Van Line and its team, this was not the case. I felt comfortable with the price and the movers handling my belongings. I want to personally thank the sales rep for being patient with me as I progressed through a very difficult closing process. I highly recommend this efficient moving service.

All I was expecting from Us Van Line was to deliver my valuables without any damages caused to them. Their customer service seemed friendly enough to convince me. They quoted quite reasonably too. The moving team arrived on the moving day 10 minutes early. The movers worked very swiftly packing and loading every valuable stuff of mine. My belongings arrived in great condition. They made sure, at every step of the way, that there were no issues. That is a serious level of efficiency in my book. Highly recommended service.

The moving team from Us Van Line arrived first thing in the morning and got straight to work. They explained to me the whole process and I showed them what was needed to be taken and they started to work. They double/triple checked that they got everything packed and loaded. Then they drove off to my new place and got everything unloaded so quickly. The price was quite reasonable when they quoted it to me. They don't have hidden charges or any extra fees. The movers were quite friendly. Good job team.

I enjoyed working with Us Van Line for my move since they are way better than the other movers. They deliver every last one of their promises and will ensure that your belongings are safe all the way to the new destination. Unlike other moving companies that don't take time seriously, these movers can make your relocation timely and spare you some for unpacking and settling. I like the professionalism they had and their confidence during the whole moving process. Highly recommended moving service.

I had to move my two bedroom apartment. So, I called several moving companies for the quote. It was clear from the quote given by Us Van Line that they asked for a reasonable price. They actually performed a lot better than what I was looking for. The moving team arrived on time, did the wrapping perfectly and moved my goods quickly to the new destination and made sure that nothing gets damaged. I am really happy with their world class service and very affordable price.

Us Van Line are amazing and careful, they handled every furniture and object with very great care. They showed up on time, carefully and professionally packed my stuff. Anything I wanted or needed they did with no complaints. Although money was not the only criteria we were looking for a quality move which insured our goods reached us on time and without any damage. Not only did they execute their work properly, they were on time with the delivery and they did not damage a single item. I seriously cannot still believe it. It has been worth having this moving service.

Us Van Line made the move easy without stress. They were very helpful from working with us on the phone and every time we had a question they helped us immediately. The moving team and the truck arrived exactly on time and the movers were very professional, friendly and took great care in loading our belongings onto the truck. When delivery was made to the new apartment, they called prior to arriving and very carefully unloaded everything. If we had to move again, we would use them without hesitation.

I was pretty stressed out prior to this move but Us Van Line got everything done in less time than expected, despite it being a move from TX to MS, with nothing dropped or damaged. After getting to the apartment. All the while I had a great time chatting with the three of them, which made this the first truly enjoyable and non stressful moving experience I've ever had.

Relocating from one state to the other can be so stressful. Especially if you engage a team that is not competent enough, you can end up with any egrets. I was so much afraid of being disappointed by Us Van Line. I had no idea about their capability so it was just a matter of trying them out. They, however, turned out to be very good and too exceptional. They carried out their work with so much diligence and I would love to thank them for that. The relocation was carried out so smoothly and all that I had imagined of worked according to plans. I would recommend this moving service to anyone planning to relocate.

My interaction with Us Van Line was great. Their manager was awesome. He made me feel very comfortable, answered all my questions and was very detailed as to how the process was from start to finish. I kept calling and emailing him and he remained patient. The movers were also fantastic. They delivered my belongings safely. I really could not find any flaws with this move. I am grateful to this company. All my belongings came without any damage. Their pricing was also comparable to others. They exceeded expectations. I am grateful to this company.

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