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USDOT # 656081
128 Forrest St
Brooklyn, NY 11206
New York
Contact Phone: (718) 628-4477
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Moving with UMC Moving Company

What makes a stress-free, efficient company move is a combination of many things — preparation, planning, follow-through and, most important, obtaining the best mover to fit your business needs. At UMC Moving, we take pride in our relationship with our customers as well as our expert attention to detail, timely services, and quick turnaround. We help local offices and businesses with all their moving needs, whether it is an intercity or interstate move, our clients can be reassured of an efficient & effective moving process and services with professional office movers at UMC. With more than 20 years of experience and over 1,000 office relocations throughout the New York metro area, UMC Moving provides professional, integrated solutions for all your corporate relocation or record retention needs.

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Keep away from no matter what.
In the event that I could leave a negative star survey I would.
UMC Moving Co are amateurish and work an exceptionally shady business. A portion of the team could scarcely stroll without losing their breath. Over guaranteed and under conveyed, actually. They even left stuff at the old office, charged for their own particular errors then went straight to their legal advisors.
Help yourself out, use another person.

Very un-respectful and dishonest company. Don't use them if I were you.

They were exceptionally decent. Tried to affirm the date and time of our turn. They went ahead time and were mindful to what we needed and required. These two were wonderful!

we used UMC Moving a month ago to migrate our office. Bill was a delight to manage. The movers were exceptionally proficient and extremely watchful with the greater part of our stuff. I couldn't be more content with our move and would recommend them to anybody hoping to move their office.

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