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2940 W 45TH Street
Jacksonville, FL 32209
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Moving with Florida Transfer and Storage Moving

Florida Transfer and Storage Moving will issue serving to our clientel as we endeavor to satisfy our clients needs.
Each client has different requirements for their , which is why Florida Transfer and Storage Moving provides help and removal company to act our sound to conciliate them.
Agree out our Florida Transfer and Storage Moving by brushup below to catch what our customers are saying about Florida Transfer and Storage Moving.

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Absolutely horrible experience .Let me say the 2 delivery guys were very hard working and went out of their way to get things done and deserve to be treated much better by the company they work for. This nightmare started last Tuesday and I understand it was the day before the 4th of July holiday but original delivery window was 2- 6 and to make a VERY long story short my furniture finally got here at 10 pm .I am sure by this time anyone who were above these two gentlemen were home enjoying their evening knowing the problems of the day and problems that had happened and rather than get these men some help they chose to ignore there job and cost me a full day of work which I am self employed so if I don't work I don't get paid .And really can't believe no one from this company has followed up in any kind of way knowing what had happened . And will be contacting the company they were hired by to deliver my furniture . So if you want a moving company with 2excellent guys doing the labor and hard work and everybody above them that does not seem to care than this is the company to call .

Florida Transfer and Storage delivered my new cabinet today. The end of the box is smashed and wide open. The metal pieces inside have been ruined. Keep in mind that I did not open the box. This is exactly how it was left for me. They claimed that they took a picture that shows that the box was in good condition when they left it and that the damage could've occurred on my front porch after they left the box. Really? Trust the one star reviews of this company and stay away!

Obviously they changed proprietors.. great, right? However, they called and offered me $150 to bring down this survey.. discuss dishonest :-/

Wonderful first movers experience. They arrived 10 minutes early and were quick, effective, and exceptionally well mannered. Nothing was harmed, and the expense of the move wound up being less expensive than the first quote. Would exceedingly suggest these folks on the off chance that you need an anxiety free move!

This was the second time I utilized The Professionals. To start with, I had them move my stuff into capacity a year back, and now they moved my effects from my storeroom to my new flat. Like the first run through, the group was on time, as well as somewhat ahead. Also, they worked easily and tenaciously. Incredible work. The organization additionally sorted out the stopping grant, which came in exceptionally convenient.

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