American Safety Movers

USDOT # 1150728
216 Druid St
Jacksonville, FL 32254
Contact Phone: (904) 353-4848
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American Safety Movers is one of the listed movers in your area.
American Safety Movers can transfer your property in your your new home from your former home to your stigma freshly situation.
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The mover at last touches base at 1230, and I transfer my discontent to him. He calls the "proprietor", who then says that the cost to move will now be a $1000 level rate. I reacted saying this was NOT the rate we agreed upon. No furniture should be wrapped/boxed. With respect to her client administration aptitude and those of the whole company, I expressed that their practices are unsuitable and manipulative.

Excellent move, nice guys, listened well and worked well as a team. I / we would recommend them to anyone. A+ A job well done!

I am a united states mariner PCSing abroad. This organization took the offer to move my wife's, youngster, and my has a place for us. I woke up at the beginning of today to discover my credit and check cards stolen by the movers, who continued to pile on 600 dollars in charges for me, endangering the welfare of my wife and kid. This is immaculate and utter lack of regard after I invited them into my home gave them sustenance and beverages to oblige them in the warmth, and I get repaied by them by taking cash from me.

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