Interstate Moving & Relocation Group

USDOT # 3034100
4400 N Federal Hwy Ste 302
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Boca Raton
Contact Phone: 800-745-6683
Additional Phone: (561) 860-4088
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This company is a fraud. They gave me a price of roughly 2200 and when they showed up, (in a rented truck) they tripled the price on me. Im willing to bet these reviews are fake because nobody could be so poor at what they do and gt all 5 stars. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE

When I got my turn with United I was certain I would need to manage some issue eventually. I move around the nation for work and I, for the most part, do the moving myself by leasing a truck. It's more work and distressing yet I don't need to stress over getting duped or losing my belongings. I reluctantly marked with them and it was a fabulous choice. Everything was smooth from start to finish. An encircled picture got broken however I was there and saw it get broken so I know it truly was a reasonable mischance. All truly is pardoned for this! Thanks! The group was conscious of my family's things and proficient with stacking and emptying them. I genuinely need to express profound gratitude and demonstrate my appreciation to United Moving (and particularly Becca!!) for making our turn consistent!

They were more than happy to oblige with our request. We are extremely happy with the service provided by the company. They take great care in packing and are clearly very experienced. The service was prompt and professional. Due to their effort, the whole day went smoothly without any incidence. Thank you Interstate Moving & Relocation! We will be using your service again when we move next time.

These guys are professional and hardworking. We request to have quote for same day packing and move, as moving distance was not that much. Their quote was reasonable as per their offered services. They offered more number of professionals as compare to others for completing moving effectively in same day. Particulars were mentioned on boxes and furniture was protected well. They were helpful in arranging the furniture in new house. We will be happy to recommend them.

This firm gave a very competitive quote to pack and move us from a two bedroom house to a new place. They came the day before the move and did a good job of packing our very full house! The following day four guys got the whole job done by 5 pm - it was a long day but they worked tirelessly. I would be happy to recommended this company.

Triple Charged the Interstate Estimate. Unpredictable Communication with this business. Lies to the Customer. Abandons Customer after the Sale.

Interstate Moving and Relocation Group, hereby referred to as IMRG, has failed to provide me:

1) A reasonable timeline of when to expect pickup in Los Angeles.
2) A reasonable timeline of when to expect my things in Arizona.
3) Accurate verification of payment method.
4) Accurate estimate of final bill off by 250%
5) Followup with All State Movers explaining final bill and failing to get a weight ticket.
6) Assistance in helping me process my lost and damaged items report.
7) Reliable communication throughout the business transaction.

My claim is that IMRG, was negligent in their stated responsibilities to the consumer as outlined in their Binding Contract Agreement.

1) "Expert advice and guidance throughout the course of your move"

I have email and phone records of IMRG continually not answering or responding to business inquiries in a timely manner. For example, when contacted, IMRG agreed to contact All State Movers, hereby referred to as ASM, for a weight ticket. I confirmed with ASM that IMRG had not called. To this time I have not received a weight ticket of my items accounting for the charges as requested of my agent.

To facilitate my move, I had to reserve curb space with the City of Los Angeles. I was quoted by IMRG a 4-day window of Thursday, May 31-Sunday June 1. I have phone and email records of my discussion from 2-weeks prior to my curb space reservation of June 2. Requesting them to please give me up to the second information on the official move date. This is because it might be impossible for me to recover a new reserved parking space with the city in front of my building before their 4-day window. I needed firm communication. Over a 2-week period, IMRG customer support failed continually to keep their word in calling me back at the days and times they themselves said they would. Phone calls to IMRG customer service failed to resolve my issue. During normal business hours my phone calls would go to IMRG voicemail system. And my phone calls would not be returned. My emails to my customer service rep would simply not be responded to. Unreasonable failure of communication with this company causing undue stress and unnecessary hardship in my own opinion and which I would wish on nobody.

I have an issue with IMRG in regards to Payment Method.

Upon paying my deposit, I specifically requested verbally on the phone with IMRG customer service and my sales rep that I would need to work with a moving company that accepted a credit card. I was assured Yes that can be arranged and they would arrange for it. However, upon moving day, ASM insisted that they could only accept a personal check.

I would not recommend this business.

Interstate Moving & Relocation Group were very professional from the survey, on moving day and even collecting surplus boxes later. They were fast, efficient and friendly. I would definitely recommend them to friends.

We had three men and two vans, they started at 8 in the morning, had 2 houses to pack. They finished work at 8 in the evening, working very hard all three very helpful putting furniture in the right rooms. Excellent value.

Very enjoyable experience and we will use them again.

Super happy with the service - best quote i was given and no compromise on quality of service. I took the full packing service and they were very conscientious. Fast, efficient and very flexible - i made a last minute change the day before my move and then there was a delay before i was permitted to enter my new house - no problem for these guys. Recommending them to my friends.

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