Millennium Movers

USDOT # 1169384
345 West 62ND Avenue
Denver, CO 80216
Contact Phone: (303) 650-2891
Additional Phone: 303.650.2891
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Moving with Millennium Movers

Our business was built up in 1999. Our unique name was An Active Moving. In 2001 we embraced the name Millennium Movers as our essential name. Subsequent to 2001 An Active moving is our optional name. We have taken in a ton in the years we have been doing business. We accept what makes us not the same as most moving organizations is that we are willing to lose a client to our opposition instead of misdirect or simply tell a client what we think they need to hear keeping in mind the end goal to get their business. We trust an organization particularly in our business ought to be straightforward to general society notwithstanding what's in question. We know the moving business over the US is loaded with awful business hones and defilement. On the off chance that you are a customer that needs reality about their turn, then call us. We will gauge the time, materials, measure of men, measure of hardware, and the expense as precisely as would be prudent regardless of the possibility that it is the thing that you didn't what to listen. We won't under assessment the move just to get your business. We would preferably leave business than go down that street of deceptive business rehearses. We likewise have an awesome and well disposed client administration.

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I was hoping someone would help me move my 1994 Millennium Falcon and Millennium Movers did it.

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