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  1. Long Distance Moving Can Be More Challenging 
  2. Utilize Moving Authority's Tools and Resources
  3. Cost is Not All That Matters
  4. Finding the Best Price
  5. A Few Things to Take Care Of
  6. Take the Appropriate Time Looking
  7. Here are Some Things You Will Want to Look For 

1. Long Distance Moving Can Be More Challenging

When moving long distance, you have to deal with hectic schedules, organizing, packing and heavy lifting. During those days leading up to the actual move, you don’t even have time for yourself. Stress begins to take hold of you. Your back and muscles hurt because of all the bending and lifting of boxes and furniture. How do you get through this? You need to know how to prepare for a long distance move. Moving Authority is here to help with lists of top-rated long distance movers that you can tailor to your needs.

2. Utilize Moving Authority's Tools and Resources

You can eliminate all of the stress by using our moving calculator on Moving Authority. You can turn your relocation efforts into a better experience by getting a professional company to help you. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a company with no experience and fewer instances of customer satisfaction.

Read long distance moving company reviews to keep yourself briefed on the best long distance moving companies reviews. By reading these reviews, you will be more informed when choosing the best way to move long distance. Here are some moving tips that will help you along the way when browsing long distance moving companies.

3. Cost Is Not All That Matters

When seeking professional help, try not to base your decision only on cost. You don’t want to have to share those horror stories that many movers have had over the years simply because it was the cheapest way to move long distance. Instead, hire a reputable moving company. Here is an example. Joy was moving to Atlanta, GA from Florida. She hired a moving company to help. When the movers came, they took a break to eat on Joy’s lawn, having bottles of beer and sandwiches. Joy thought this odd, especially the beer and the fact that they took a three-hour lunch break, which increased the cost of the hourly fees at her expense. You don’t want to experience anything like this. So, what is the best way to move long distance? It is best to hire a moving company that is licensed and has a good business reputation.

Long Distance Moving Truck

4. Finding the Best Price

Prior to moving, check to see what kind of insurance the moving company offers. Do your homework well. If you don’t understand how the insurance process works, you can use our moving calculator to find moving companies who will explain the process to you. Some moving companies assess the insurance by the weight of your valuables. It is best to buy a higher insurance coverage to protect your belongings. You can also check with your homeowners or renters, they may also offer insurance.

5. A Few Things to Take Care Of

You don’t want to leave any utility bills behind after you have moved. If this is a local move, you can ask the utility company to transfer the service. However, if it is a long distance move, you should take care of the existing bill. Ask the utility company to forward any additional bill to your new address. Moving Authority offers tips on how to do this. You should also turn on the utility at the new home. If you were to arrive and not have utility service, especially if it is a Friday night, you would have to sit out the entire weekend before being able to contact the utility company on Monday.

It is best to buy a higher insurance coverage to protect your belongings.

Don’t wait until the last minute to do your packing. You want to be ahead of the game by packing up your stuff in labeled boxes. This will save you the headache and worry of being behind. Packing should take place several weeks before the move. Organize your boxes by rooms so that when you get to the new destination, you will know where to put the items. 

For your relocation efforts, seek the professional help from a moving company that you might find on Moving Authority. We are here to guide you each step of the way. Visit us online today to use our moving calculator for a free long distance moving quote.

6. Take the Appropriate Time Looking

 Americans love to move. We are a nation of explorers, trailblazers, and wanderlusts. Some of our states are bigger than entire countries so if we want to move to a different climate or way of life we don’t even need a passport to do it.

Long distance moves are a different story altogether. This is the time to really make sure to find a reputable carrier because if you are going from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon your items are covering a lot of ground.
Comfortable Long Distance Move

7. Here are some things you will want to look for:

  • Does the company have a USDOT number? All moving companies need to have one of these, which stands for the United States Department of Transportation number. All moving companies operating inside of the law have a number that will be displayed in their offices, on their website, and physically on their trucks.

  • Do they offer you Arbitration? All companies legally have to provide you with information about an arbitration program. This is a way to settle disputes outside of the court system. Even legitimate companies run into problems, but it is not about having a perfect record, but rather making sure to know how to handle things when they do go wrong.

  • Did they present you with a Tariff before the move? A tariff is a menu of services and prices a company provides. It islegally binding and the company cannot change their pricing from what it says on the form. All legal moving companies should have one.
  • How long has the company been in business? Many moving companies pop up for the busy summer months and disappear come fall. Their care and experience for the job at the very least is lacking and is at the worst; criminal. A rule of thumb is if a company has been around for at least 3 years they are not one of these rogue movers.
  • What is their pricing policy? It is always a good idea to get a fair price when looking to move. Clearly, there are different levels of service that you can buy depending on what your budget and time constraints are. That being said, any company that gives you an estimate significantly lower than other companies is one that you should be wary of. Usually, this means they are cutting corners in some other way. Many times these are the movers that will then change their price once all of your items are actually on the truck.

8. Make Sure They Are Operating Legally

Hopefully these tips will help you to better understand what to look for when you are about to hire a reputable long distance moving companyFinding a reputable moving company is important if and when you decide to move a long distance. All your valuables are traveling a long distance without your supervision. It is important to know exactly what to look for to spot a reputable moving company and avoid rogue movers.