Unity Moving

USDOT # 1306462
533 Moultonboro Ave
Wake Forest, NC 27587
Wake Forest
North Carolina
Contact Phone: (800) 355-2075
Additional Phone: (919) 562-1226
Company Site: www.unityrelocation.com

Moving with Unity Moving

Unity Moving and Storage, Inc. specializes in making service personal. From your beginning estimate until the time the job is complete, you will find our service unlike any you have ever experienced…just ask our past customers. At Unity Relocation – Raleigh Movers and Charlotte Movers we are upfront with all aspects of your move and will show you the integrity you deserve as a customer.

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Just finished a move to Asheville from Raleigh, and I honestly think it was the best experience I could've had. The packing crew, managed by Scott, were a great group of guys (Reggie, Joe, James, Shay, and Travis) that packed all my items with great skill, all with smiles and friendly attitudes. They were a really fun group of guys and really quick! Scott showed up the next day at our apartment in Asheville with Nick, and the both I loaded the truck in no time at all. All the furniture was places just where I wanted it. They really went above and beyond and I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience. Their rates were among the lower end when I compared 6 different competitors. Would highly recommend!

I was quite disappointed with Unity Moving and Storage. At minimum they did a sloppy, unprofessional job. More importantly damage was done to the new apartment and to some of my items, most importantly a special piece of equipment that is crucial for me to function with a visual disability. In spite of having adequate documentation of the damage, the company refused to reimburse for damages claiming I signed documents agreeing to the minimal amount of coverage for items. i was never shown such documents. I would highly discourage anyone from obtaining their services.

My wife and I utilized Unity Moving twice now and they did awesome both times. The great part about then is they are chirp. Both times the quote can in with in $100.00 of the aggregate cost, both less expensive. They touched base on time and moved straight tossed till they where wrapped up.

Utilized this organization to move to new townhouse over the road. One of the best, least demanding and bother free moves ever. Folks landed on time, were considerate, watchful and no curve balls when the time had come to pay the bill.

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