Hammond-Pennyrile Moving & Storage

USDOT # 1120252
4003 Fort Campbell BLVD
Hopkinsville, KY 42240
Contact Phone: (800) 633-1222
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Moving with Hammond-Pennyrile Moving & Storage

Understanding the demand of the customer is significant for almost all relocation companies, like those here at Hammond-Pennyrile Moving & Storage.
Our can enrapture asset in your arena from your former property to your newly hall. Have likewise disclosed to us that Hammond-Pennyrile Moving & Storage is the adept in the territory.
Hammond-Pennyrile Moving & Storage can need precaution of your moving requirements, fair translate the review article below.

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Long story short, I felt exceptionally agreeable in booking a move with this company.The day of my turn, everything went easily. The team that arrived were awesome.They stuffed all that I had without hardly lifting a finger, I can truly tell they comprehended what they were doing.As guaranteed my things were conveyed in a given time allotment. I was exceptionally satisfied with their service.

They showed up 4 hours late, did not in any case apologize. I needed to telephone them consistently to check where they are, however they once in a while addressed the telephone. Loathsome organization

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