Tying Your Bed To Your Car

Bed and pillows

Moving Your Bed in Your Car

  1. Moving Your Bed & No Options
  2. Sometimes You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do
  3. The Process and Being Safe
  4. The Real Question Is, Is This Legal?
  5. Don't Endanger Others

1. Moving Your Bed without No Options

When it comes down to the nitty gritty of moving, there are many items that you can do without, especially if your in a hurry. You don't need your dresser, a couch, a table, or anything else really that's like that. However, the one thing you really do need is a bed. It doesn't matter if you have the means to move it or not. At this point in your move, the only option you have might be to strap it to the top of your car.

2. Sometimes You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

Strapping your mattress to the top of your car can sometimes be the only option some people are left with. Even if you have the worst mattress, many would rather strap it to the top of the car then have to go out and buy one for $500 plus. The reality is that mattresses are ridiculously expensive. Leading people to move by strapping their mattress to their car, sometimes a super tiny car. If you don't have the means to move your mattress properly, this is what it comes down to. Plus, a mattress is something that you absolutely need the first day you move into your new place. For this reason, they strap it to the top of their car. 

3. The Process and Being Safe:

First, check with the law - make sure you're not going to get a $300 ticket. Remember to check Federal and state laws. If you're traveling through multiple state lines, be sure to check the laws for each of those state. Depending on your car you might also want to check what the height clearance is for most overpasses. You can do this by checking:

  • Local Law Enforcement
  • State's Laws
  • Your Insurance Company

Second, you can begin the process of tying a mattress to a car with excessive rope and a basic method.
Buy Sturdy Rope - Make sure it is thick enough to where it wop break, but it is thin enough to where you can still manage to be able to tye knots - Nylon or Polyester based rope is suggested.

Then, roll down all of the windows and place the purchased rope in a long way length wise, from hood to trunk of the car, or from front bumper to back bumper.

Next, place the mattress on top while making sure the windows are all rolled down

***At least point you will want passengers to get into the car because if not, later they will have to climb in through the windows***

Make sure you tie and secure the rope that you placed the mattress on in place. Don't allow for any wiggle room.

Next take rope and weave it through the windows that should be rolled down. Repeat this at least four times by repeating this with the rope twice in the front and twice in the back. You should even include doing it length-wise to strengthen and reinforce the mattress to be on the safe side.

4. The Real Question Is, Is This Legal?

Well like many things, tying your mattress to the roof of your car isn't really covered by any specific law. Although many states don't have any specific laws against this, you may get stopped by a police officer depending on the quality of how well you tyed the mattress to your car.

5. Don't Endanger Others

If it seems like it might endanger others or fall off at some point you're most likely to get pulled over. Even worse, your mattress could fall off and cause a crash hurting you, your loved ones, and others. Make sure you take tying your mattress down seriously for you and your family's sake and other people's sake around you as well. Safety should always be taken into consideration prior to performing an unsafe action, so please be safe and reinforce all ropes and secure bungees.