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  • DOT Authority allows your company to start operating within 24 hours.
  • Get the USDOT Number, BOC-3 & intrastate or interstate
  • DOT Authority Number is needed with every regulation with FMCSA
  • You don't need to drive a truck to have DOT Authority company
  • Cost for each individual DOT Authority is a fee of $300 to USDOT
Get DOT Authority Right Now With Package #2

Get DOT Authority Right Now With Package #2

One of Our Most Popular DOT Packages

Are you in the trucking industry and need DOT authority? If so, you're in the right spot. Package #2 is one of our best starter packages to secure DOT authority. Why? Because you won’t only get an active MC Number for authority purposes. You will also receive BOC 3 Filing.  and US DOT FMCSA registration. This way, your company can get to trucking ASAP. Moving Authority assists motor carrier after motor carrier every day. And our company has done so for many years. We know the trucking industry better than anyone else. That’s why we put a lot of thought into every trucking package. Our team never rests until all trucking businesses have complete authority to operate.

Call if you have questions (702) 333-2430

 Do you need more FMCSA trucking registration resources than Package #2 provides? If so, please browse our other trucking packages right now. Package number 3 - 5 contains even more DOT registration content for our customers. Here’s an example of those trucking resources. Package #4 features UCR registration.

Plus, our team can set up IRP and IFTA FMCSA registration. Are you confused about which trucking authority package you need? If so, give us a call at our number listed on this page. Our operating authority experts will help you out and help you get the right DOT resources. This way, you and your team can get to trucking without a long waiting period.

Get Your MC Number for DOT Authority in Less Than an Hour

Get Your MC Number for DOT Authority in Less Than an Hour

If you buy Package #2, you’ll get your new FMCSA MC Number fast. In fact, sometimes our team can deliver a new number within an hour or less. (From start to finish.) But that depends on how busy the DOT office is. A new MC Number is crucial for having an interstate operating authority. The FMCSA uses it to identify each trucking and moving company. Businesses operating without authority receive severe fines and penalties.
Every company that operates in interstate cargo needs a new MC Number. So, if you haul cargo across state lines, this number is crucial to get. Sure, you don't have to display it as you do with a USDOT Number. But if the DOT pulls you over and you don't have the number, you're in trouble. (Also, please contact us if you need exclusive USDOT Number registration.) The FMCSA and DOT could fine or penalize you if you don't have an MC Number.

Many trucking businesses go out of business when they fail to have an active number. (And an active USDOT Number.) That’s why our company is here to help. You can't afford to risk the financial safety of your motor carrier. And we’re ready to protect your financial safety right now.

Package #2 Complies With All FMCSA Authority Rules

Package #2 Complies With All FMCSA Authority Rules

(702) 333-2430

When it comes to DOT authority, there’s no better expert in the US than Moving Authority. Our company has over a decade of experience assisting thousands of trucking companies. We help both a new company and an established company make money. How so? By providing the best US DOT trucking packages in the industry. Each trucking package complies with all FMCSA and DOT rules.

This way, you don't have to worry about the financial safety of your company. After all, the US DOT and FMCSA have a reputation for applying strict fines. One inactive USDOT Number could jeopardize your financial safety. But our mission is to protect your financial safety at all times.

Say that you’re trucking without an active MC Number . The US DOT can do more than take away your authority. They can find your company into nonexistence. (Again, this is where financial safety protection comes into play.) Though Package #2, you won’t have to worry about basic operating authority needs. That’s because the package provides more than an active MC Number. It also secures BOC-3 and US DOT registration. We’ll even pay the standard US DOT $300 filing fee.

Get BOC-3 & USDOT FMCSA Registration Taken Care of Through Package #2

Get BOC-3 & USDOT FMCSA Registration Taken Care of Through Package #2

Does your trucking company need BOC-3 and US DOT registration? If so, we’ll knock out both with Package #2. Almost every motor carrier in the US needs this crucial registration. Otherwise, a motor carrier might lose the authority to operate. Operating without authority is the last thing your company should do. When you do, the US DOT will show up at your address and shut down operations. It could take months before you're operating again.

When starting a trucking company do not want to risk losing your operating authority status. So, let Moving Authority help ensure your financial safety. We’ll take care of BOC-3 and US DOT registration. Our team complies with all Department of Transportation rules. This way, you own have to stop (and then start up) any service at your business. 


Incredibly useful! The DOT authority information on this site is a lifesaver for anyone in the moving industry.

I am thrilled to share my outstanding experience with Moving Authority and their DOT Authority services. From the moment I engaged with them, it was evident that their expertise and commitment were second to none. If you're in need of DOT Authority services, look no further.

Great to hear that you had an excellent experience with Moving Authority's Dot Authority Package! Thank you for sharing your feedback. We're thrilled that you found the package to be comprehensive and the attention to be personalized. Your recommendation means a lot to us!

I needed to start my business quickly and efficiently, so I reached out to Moving Authority for assistance. They provided me with the Dot and MC Number without any difficulty - making it a swift process that allowed me to get back on track with starting up in no time!

My trucking business started with the Dot Authority Package that Moving Authority put together. I got everything in one package, and it was the best. Plus, the attention was personalized.

DOT Authority Package was the perfect solution for my new company. Moving Authority experts helped me from the very first moment. Now, I have the dot and mc number secured. Thanks.

It was a swift process. I needed the dot and mc number to start my business, so I called Moving Authority for a Dot Authority package, and they got it for me without any hassle.

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Feel Free To Browse Our Other Motor Carrier Authority Packages

Do you need more than an MC NumberBOC-3, and US DOT registration? If so, trucking package number 3, 4, or 5 is your best bet. Please feel free to browse the information on those trucking authority packages. If you have any questions about them, you can call our number and time. If we’re busy, one of our trucking authority experts will return your call fast.
We’re here to help you no matter what your registration needs are. You can even ask us about making a custom DOT trucking registration package. In that case, we could assess your unique operating authority needs. Then, we’d help you get authority fast with first-rate customer service.

Get To Trucking ASAP With Authority

No motor carrier can afford to sit around and wait on the DOT or FMCSA for authority. That’s why motor carrier after motor carrier in the US turns to Moving Authority. They know that they can receive operating authority status faster through us. We’re professionals when it comes to helping a company get registered. You can see for yourself by viewing our other operating authority packages.

Each package goes above and beyond only securing an MC Number. (Not that having an MC Number isn’t important.) Our packages aim for 110 percent operating authority at all times. MCS 150  Plus, as part of our service, we can stay in touch with your trucking company. Why? So that you know about new FMCSA and DOT rules in advance. You’ll then have the ability to complete registration before your competitors.

(702) 333-2430

Moving Authority Is Proud To Serve As the Apex of Trucking Authority

Trucking and operating authority matter. And there’s no better firm for authority than Moving Authority. New and established businesses depend on our FMCSA packages every day. They know that our organization is the number one authority registration resource. If you want to get full-scale authority service, our team is the best.

Must check out Extra consultation with a tariff specialist. No matter which package you start out with, we’re going to work hard and fast. We don't rest until every customer complies with all DOT and FMCSA safety rules. (Contact us if you need any safety or authority resources.) Our mission is for every motor carrier to secure authority right away. And we do so by applying service after service that will get results.

Our Mission Is for Every Motor Carrier To Succeed Through Compliant DOT Registration

If you need FMCSA Motor Carrier Authority, you're in the right spot. Moving Authority provides FMCSA registration resources to every type of freight company. This includes freight businesses that transport to Mexico. (While adhering to different safety and authority policies.) No matter what household goods you transport, Package #2 will help. It covers all the FMCSA operating authority basics. From getting a new USDOT Number to completing MC Number registration. (We take care of MC Number registration faster than other firms.) Our mission is to guide any freight company or broker toward success. Feel free to call us with any authority registration question that you have.

Authority and compliance go hand-in-hand. A freight company will lose authority fast without FMCSA compliance. That’s why we function almost as a broker of FMCSA registration resources. Through our compliance resources, freight companies can maintain authority. It’s that simple. Package #2 is the fuel that’s kept countless freight drivers on the road. That’s because it includes all the basics of compliance resources.

One of the most important resources is US DOT Number filing. Our team will take care of it ASAP to secure your freight company with authority. Plus, we can assess your business to make sure you're not missing any authority documents. This way, you can maintain FMCSA operating authority for a long time. Click on  Re-publishing 


Confused About Department of Transportation & FMCSA Guidelines? Contact Us Anytime

We know that the FMCSA can make operating authority guidelines seem complicated. But do not despair. Our FMCSA resources ensure that registration stays simple. This way, freight companies can  secure authority without delays.

Do you have questions about securing authority? If so, you can call our FMCSA compliance team any time. We can guide you through all DOT and FMCSA policies. Some customers call with fuel tax questions. Others call about international freight shipping to Mexico. In fact, please let us know if your business ships freight to Mexico.

If so, we can provide more than an updated USDOT Number. We can give you a Mexico freight authority guide with FMCSA resources. This way, you can ship goods to Mexico with full authority safety.

(702) 333-2430

Do not get frustrated if you're confused about an FMCSA authority policy. Our team has the compliance resources to guide you where you need. We can even tell you about how your insurance can impact authority. After all, freight insurance and authority go hand-in-hand. So, consider us as your safety insurance broker.

Safety is one of the key priorities within our authority resources. And that safety applies to both transporting freight and financial safety. Our mission is to supply you with constant FMCSA authority at all times. With the proper authority resources, we’ll help your freight company succeed.


Our Organization Is the Apex of Motor Carrier Registration

When it comes to FMCSA authority and compliance, Moving Authority is #1. Our team’s mission is to ensure that you transport freight using the best resources. We can do more than help you with authority registration. The Moving Authority team can guide you toward new levels of success. Our registration help has ensured the financial safety of many carriers. We’ve supplied them with constant authority so that they can thrive.

We’re the #1 broker of freight authority in the US. Through one phone call to our authority experts, you’ll understand why. Our FMCSA compliance and authority specialists go the extra mile. They guide companies to financial safety through the best resources. The registration process for motor carriers has never been more simple. And it’s all thanks to our FMCSA authority packages even when it originates from Texas DOT.

(702) 333-2430

If there's any doubt that your company can secure full authority fast, please let our team know. We’ll do more than supply basic authority and compliance resources. Our team can assess your individual freight company needs. This includes a check-up of all key FMCSA registration documents. This way, we can know the exact level of authority and begin securing more authority. But don't think you only need to call us to buy an authority package. You can contact us about your safety and insurance needs.

Say that you need a better freight or insurance broker with improved authority. We can help locate that broker fast. This way, your company will have the authority to move more freight. Your financial safety is our safety. And we won’t rest until your business has 110 percent FMCSA authority.

Questions About DOT Authority? Call Our Number Right Now

Please call us with any questions: (702) 333-2430

Do you have questions about Package #2 or securing DOT authority? If so, feel free to call our customer service number right now. Our registration experts will assess your FMCSA authority status. Then, we’ll help you find the best solution. We’re here for all your trucking and financial safety needs. Moving Authority won’t rest until your authority registration process is complete. We look forward to helping you secure operating authority today.


Apply for Authority Today Through Our Organization


The Moving Authority team is here to help you apply for authority ASAP. If you're seeking authority anywhere else, it’s time to get a refund. Our organization makes it possible for any carrier to start transporting goods. Your exact level of authority that you need to operate depends on many factors. But our experts will figure out the level of FMCSA operating ability that you need. Then, we will put your information into our registration system. Our waiting process is ultra-fast, like a newsroom. This way, carriers can begin dominating the trucking industry right away.


Also, please let our team know if your carrier needs access to DOT policy training. We have a reputation for assisting the trucking industry through training. As a result, motor carriers can simplify how they transport commerce to make money. Our experts can even begin setting up your training in only an hour. This way, your business can become more compliant in a short amount of time. Keep in mind that when it comes to refunds, there are no refunds for the training. Please browse our website for more trucking industry resources. You can press “click here” whenever you want to buy a service for your carrier.


Whether you're a startup or a big-time trucking company, it’s time to get to the next level. Moving Authority is here to keep you compliant with every FMCSA policy. We know how the agency conducts rulemaking better than anyone else. Our credentials speak for themselves. Sure, we can provide you with an MC number or USDOT number. But what if your carrier needs to join the international registration plan? That's no problem for our experts. We can even get your carrier registered with the international fuel tax agreement. Plus, we can ensure your business adheres to the alcohol and drug policy of the DOT. Even a carrier in the hazmat sector can benefit through our organization.


Get Your Carrier Compliant With the DOT & FMCSA


It’s time to ensure that your carrier can stay compliant with the DOT and FMCSA. Please click here to learn more about DOT and FMCSA policies for motor carriers. Through an hour or less consultation, Moving Authority can assist you. Our services get designed to make motor carriers simplify their operations. This way, they can take part in all commerce within the trucking industry. Countless carriers benefit through our FMCSA operating training program. The program also aligns with the DOT and FMCSA registration system.


Through training, your carrier can learn how to make money to operate vehicles. We’re ready to help you apply for authority and start transporting household goods. Keep in mind that our training program features a no refunds policy. But it is possible to secure refunds. It depends on certain conditions. Please contact us to learn more about how we refund carriers in training. We can also provide you with our rulemaking information.


Our experts can take care of all trucking company registration on your behalf. From the international fuel tax agreement to DOT alcohol and drug changes in policy. We even have solutions for the complicated gas use tax policy in certain states. Speaking of the DOT, it updates its rulemaking every year. The FMCSA also updates rulemaking policies on an annual basis. That's why it’s crucial for your trucking company to know every policy. No matter what, Moving Authority has the credentials to file your DOT information. We can do this online or through US mail. You won’t even need to login to our website. Instead, our DOT policy specialists can provide your carrier data to the FMCSA. Then, you can begin dominating the trucking industry.


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