Essential Steps to Operating a Successful Legally Compliant Moving Company

arbitration program and moving tariff

  1. Laws, Regulations, & Paperwork Necessary to Operate Legally
  2. Arbitration Required By USDOT For Household Good Carriers
  3. The Importance & Value of Having a Moving Tariff
  4. What is a Moving Tariff?
  5. Moving Authority: Arbitration Program & Custom Moving Tariff Services

1. Laws, Regulations, & Paperwork Necessary to Operate Legally

When running a moving company, like with any business in America it is important to know and understand all of the laws and regulations for operating your business. The United States Department of Transportation has changed the laws many times over the years, and certain legal paperwork is now required that may not have been the case only a few years ago. You want to make sure if you're just starting your moving company that you have all of your bases covered. So take advantage of all of our articles that help simplify and articulate this seems overwhelming and confusing process. 

2. Arbitration Required by USDOT For Household Good Carriers 

Arbitration Is Required! Arbitration, simply put, is an alternative to small claims court that settles disputes. With moving companies, the arbitration, if it occurred, is between the household goods carrier and the person having their items moved (the customer). The arbitrator is a neutral third party that will save both parties’ time and money by keeping them out of the court systems.

Arbitration has to be purchased by all moving companies and needs to be renewed annually. The law also requires a brochure or informational packet outlining your arbitration program to be given to the customer prior to moving their items so if any disputes arise they are aware of their rights and how to proceed.

3. The Importance & Value of Having a Moving Tariff

Effective since 2008, Tariffs are legally required to be published and shown to the customer prior to moving any of their items. In addition, a copy of this tariff must be in the truck or on the driver's persons at all times while transporting the truck filled with household goods across state lines. 

4. What is a Moving Tariff?

A moving tariff simply puts it an ironclad menu of services that a moving company provides along with all of the pricing for each service. If the tariff does not state a certain price or charge for a specific service it may not be added or charged to the customer.
This is illegal. Every charge and service must be stated up front, given to the customer and signed by them. This is legally binding. Even in the event, you want to discount their price, this is considered illegal.  

how to arbitration tariff

5. Moving Authority: Arbitration Program & a CUSTOM MOVING TARIFF SERVICES

Moving Authority offers custom built tariffs. If you buy a tariff online that is pre-written it will most likely not have all of the specific goods and services you provide on it or have the pricing you want for your business. Custom building your tariff, as Moving Authority’s tariff option offers, you and your employees will know exactly what it states. Custom-built tariffs give you as a business owner the ability to be better in charge of your own business. You can get your custom tariff to comply for the Georgia, New York, and New Jersey. Lastly, you might want to check into at the very least three moving companies in order to compare estimates or quotes as a means of protecting yourself from scammers.


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