Step-by-Step Process of Custom Moving Tariffs

What's the Step by Step Process of Custom Moving Tariffs? 

  1. Understanding a Custom Moving Tariff 
  2. Make the Best Decision for Your Company
  3. Purchase the Appropriate Tariff
  4. Make an Appointment with a Tariff Building Pro
  5. Consultation with an Expert in Customizing Moving Tariffs
  6. Begin Work on Your Tariff
  7. Your Tariff is Published and Sent Out

1. Understanding a Custom Moving Tariff 

The basis of a moving tariff in simple terms is a menu of all services and products you sell. Building a customizable tariff with Moving Authority allows you to create your price menu and as well as have the applicable charges. This custom tariff will also set all applicable laws related to the DOT. When you file for a DOT number, you sign an agreement to follow these laws to the T. You are entering the moving industry which is a highly regulated industry, so build your business correctly with our custom tariff services. It only takes about forty-five minutes to an hour with one of our highly skilled and knowledgeable agents.

custom moving tariffs

2. Make the Best Decision for Your Company

The first step is vital to any moving companies is to try to customize their tariff. This is a legally binding document that movers must provide to their customers. As a result, moving companies are forced to make decisions regarding the types of household goods carrier tariff options (e.g. interstate or local). Having an appropriate tariff is key to a successful and legal business in the moving industry.

3. Purchase the Appropriate Tariff 

Now that you know what type of tariff you will need, it is time to purchase your customizable tariff. Go to and enter which state you are in and click ‘get started’ to begin the application. Apply for Georgia,New Jersey, and New York. This will then take you to our options. Before going further, you will need to decide whether or not you need other paperwork to go along with your tariff. Moving Authority’s additional forms are there to further protect your moving company from penalties by the DOT. The custom Interstate tariff with forms is especially helpful for those starting out with a new moving company in the industry.

4. Make an Appointment with a Tariff Builder

Once finished with your decision and officially purchase a tariff with Moving Authority, it is time to set up an appointment. A tariff builder will consult with you via telephone during this time. Remember, these appointments can be up to about an hour. When you are setting up a consultation, please leave yourself the allotted amount of time. To make a consultation appointment with a tariff builder,
please call us at (702) 333-2430 or email us at [email protected].
Our hours are 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard time, 11 am to 7 pm Central and 12 pm to 8 pm Eastern. Please keep these time changes in mind when scheduling. This way we can find a time that works well for everyone during this busy moving season.

5. Consultation with One of Our Knowledgeable Tariff Experts

Next, it is time to actually engage with one of our professionals via telephone during your scheduled time. It will be a forty-five minute to an hour consultation on pricing regulation as well as laws applied to the moving industry. They are completely up-to-date and more than familiar with the DOT’s requirements. You can feel confident speaking with them. They will work with you in order to help set your prices and will also give you suggestions in relation to prices in the industry. Asking questions is the best way to better understand the moving industry laws currently set. This is a time for you to pick their brain and learn as much as you possibly can about tariffs. At Moving Authority we are aware of how many movers don’t understand DOT laws properly, especially when it comes to tariffs. Becoming as knowledgeable as you possibly can empower you to operate legally and be a successful moving company for years to come. Here, we only strive to help moving companies be compliant with the DOT while still maximizing profits to survive in this competitive industry.

Get a custom moving tariff

6. Begin Work on Your Tariff

Having discussed, decided, and set what prices and services you want on your tariff, it will take the tariff builder some time to work on creating your own customized tariff. It will take 10 days for one of our agents to make the tariff. It is important to remember that you cannot go back and change something that you ‘forgot’ to put in your tariff. You want to make sure that you are very thorough before they begin.

7. Receive Digital & Official Published Versions of Your Custom Tariff

Once your custom moving tariff is officially finished, you will be sent a published version by postal mail service. If you have purchased the forms as well, you will receive a digital version that will be sent to you via e-mail, however, the entire tariff will be sent via postal mail in a published version. If you like you may print it out for the time being until you receive your officially published custom moving tariff. The published version will be sent via postal mail.

What Movers Should Know About Tariffs


All moving companies are required to have proof of a tariff licensed to them. This is required of all companies that move items from state to state. If a company is doing local moves, then a moving tariff is not required.


If you are operating interstate, you must have a moving tariff before registering with the FMCSA. You may also not become licensed with the DOT without giving them proof that you participate in an arbitration program for household goods.


Know What You Want Before Purchasing Arbitration. Moving Authority offers quality tariff building at a competitive price.


If you want more information on tariffs or arbitration, contact us today. One of our representatives will be happy to assist in answering any questions.