Joy Moving And Storage

USDOT # 1597812
5565 Red Bird Center Dr Suite 120
Dallas, TX 75237
Contact Phone: (469) 352-2013
Additional Phone: (469) 352-2013
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Moving with Joy Moving And Storage

We are a quick, proficient and dependable moving organization. The greater part of our movers are very much prepared and experienced individuals. They are productive, all around mannered and obliging. Each moving occupation is arranged and composed by client's needs at an extremely sensible and moderate cost. Your fulfillment is our objective. Client consideration and fulfillment are our core interest.

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My experience was horrible. The company arrived 40 minutes late. The 2 men worked at a snails pace trying to collect more money than needed by delaying time. The truck got lost on the way to the new location. I only had a 2 bedroom apartment and one bedroom had a toddler bed and a mini dresser. I had all items boxed and bagged the night before ready to be loaded. The men went past 3 hour and both locations where in Fort Worth. The workers left several items on the side walk at my new location and did not assemble my one and only bed or my dinette table. I had to help load and help unload the truck. I'm a small frame female. I took a half of day off work that turned into a full day off work without pay. The agreed to wave $39.50 for the half hour they went over past the 3 hour mark. Then after I wrote my review. The company called my cell phone harassing and threating to sue me for 5 hours worth of work plus the $39.50 they agreed to wave after many complaints from me during the 31/2 ordeal. When I only used them for 31/2 hours. The company has showed another form of being unprofessional. A ROYAL MESS.

Never USE THIS COMPANY! They harmed two bits of costly furniture and dropped a 200 lb dresser on my stairs, splitting the stair. The best part is they would prefer not to assume liability for their harm. Regardless i'm engaging attempting to document a case. On the off chance that you run with this company be arranged to need to purchase new furniture after your turn.

I put down a $500 store in the wake of being guaranteed I could scratch off my turn and recover my store. I crossed out my turn a couple of days after the fact and was advised they would credit my $500 to my card in a couple of days.
After a week and no credit I called again and was told they would deal with the credit without a moment's delay.

One more week and no credit. I called again and they let me know I somebody would get back to me the following day. Nobody called so I am debating the accuse of my charge card moving company.

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