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  1. Auto-Shipping Quotes
  2. Closed Containers: For Protection
  3. Storage of Vehicles
  4. Preparing the Vehicle for Transport
  5. Damage Prevention

1. Auto-Shipping Quotes

There are different factors to keep in mind when getting a car shipping quote. If you’re shipping auto on the road you want transport quote estimates. The usual method of vehicle shipping is either an open air container or closed container. Pretty easy, right? An open-air container allows debris to come in contact with the car during auto transport.

2. Closed Containers: For Protection

A closed container transports the car in a boxed trailer. Usually, it has a hydraulic system that lifts or lowers the vehicle into place. This way, you can stack vehicles inside the trailer, on top of another. If you have an antique, show car or supercar that you do not want to be damaged by the elements, this is your best bet. A closed container usually costs more than an open container. Depending on the size, you can carry fewer vehicles in a closed container. Closed containers may be a better option for you, especially if you are shipping a vehicle of high value. 

The other factors to take into consideration on the pricing of a car quote:
  • Do you have specific delivery requirements?
  • Does the vehicle need to be in another city or state quickly?
  • Does it have the ability to be transported over a period of time?

3. Storage of Vehicles

When a car carrier delivers a vehicle, you must be there to meet the carrier. If you are not there for the delivery, you might have to find a designated parking lot that can hold your vehicle.

You should sort this out before the carrier arrives. If you reroute a career after he has arrived, this could cost you extra money. Most truckers have no time to re-route, so they’ll charge for the extra time and work.

Pre-planning your needs and requirements is a key part in shipping anything. Make sure that you inspect your vehicle before transport. You should be looking for any damages that were present on the vehicle before the carrier picked it up. You may want to take a few pictures of your vehicle to be on the safe side.

If you’re there to meet the driver at pickup, he or she will complete an inspection form. If the driver sees any damage on the vehicle, they will note the damage on the inspection form. This document allows you to verify the condition of the vehicle before it leaves your care. If you have any damage, you will have to directly communicate to the carrier that transported you.

4. Preparing the Vehicle for Transport

Do not leave any items inside of your vehicle, and do not put bags in the trunk. It's not very common, but sometimes while transporting, a driver could leave your door open. This will result in a damage or loss to your possessions. It is not advised in any situation to leave things of value in your car or trunk. The car carrier is not responsible for these items and has the right to charge for weight in the vehicle. This could cause extra costs on the day of the pickup. If you need to move household items, transport them with a household goods carrier. Don't place them in your car.

5. Damage Prevention

To prevent mishaps, you should take a few steps before transporting your vehicle. First, you should ask which fluids to drain from the car. The auto transport carrier will know this. It is always a good idea to empty the gas tank. This reduces the risk of an explosion, and will also cut back on weight, which saves money. You should also alert the carrier if there are any fluid leaks in your vehicle. The carrier may hold you liable if fluids leak on to and damage another vehicle. 

When the vehicle arrives at the new location, take photos of any damage that you notice, if there is any. Photographs will be your best asset in filing a damage claim against a transport company.

We have mentioned a lot of things in the last paragraph, but do not think this is a scary task. The process of transporting vehicles is actually quite easy once you gain experience.

Looking for auto shipping quotes cheaply becomes much easier with Moving Authority. When you choose to do business with a company that is voted one of the most trustworthy in the online moving industry, you are in good hands. You can get an instant auto shipping quote from us, that you know you can trust. Plus, the convenience that comes with getting auto shipping quotes online remains to be beaten by any other service that offers so much. 

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Tim Sorbo

5 years, 7 months ago

Guys, please help, I need to shipping car.

I'm wondering if having the vehicle shipped will cost me more than renting a small hatchback for a month.

user avatar

Adam Peterson

5 years, 7 months ago

Hi Tim. The rates for shipping a car vary depending on how far the car is traveling. It is probably a good idea to use our Moving Companies search tool at the top of the page to find movers in your current location that can give you an estimate. Or use our Calculate your move tool at the top right hand of the page. Remember that if you take the option of moving your car yourself you are solely responsible if the car is not loaded properly and becomes damaged along the route. Also take into consideration the extra costs of hotels, food, etc during your journey. Those costs add up to quite alot even if you are staying in budget hotels along the way. Hiring a company to move your car is the safest way to transport your vehicle.

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