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USDOT # 2356334
134 North 10th Street
Kenilworth, NJ 07033
New Jersey
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Additional Phone: (877) 786-8495
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I recommend Integrated Moving Solutions for such a wonderful move. They proved that they are one of the finest in this business. The movers were careful, they nicely wrapped and boxed everything and carefully loaded on the trucks. The price was right and the service was great. When we unpacked at our new home we saw that nothing was missing or broken. It was easy finding it all because it was properly labeled by them, I highly recommend Integrated Moving Solutions.

The family needed more space and decided we need to move to a bigger house. We found a great place where I grew up. So we needed a company to handle our belongings safely and responsibly. I was suggested to use Integrated Moving Solutions by a friend. They were extremely cordial and professional, we signed a contract and agreed to a price and that was it. The packing and moving was perfect and with no damage at all. I am very happy that I went with Integrated Moving Solutions.

They are fast, fairly priced and professional. They cleared out my 2 bedroom apartment so quickly and professionally. They loaded all my belongings on to their truck with care. Nothing was damaged or even scratched. They were kind enough to help me move the furniture like a million times! They are very kind, polite and always had a smile on their faces. I had a wonderful moving experience with Integrated Moving Solutions. I hope you will too.

This is what I call a 5 star service. Integrated Moving Solutions has been magnificent. What a job! What a team! Damn they know how to work. They came in and worked like machines till the very end. They were super fast and super careful. They valued all our belongings and took utmost care. I could see that they were serious about everything. Also the price was very reasonable and under my budget. I had a completely stress free move.

Integrated Moving Solutions is one of those movers that you can recommend to anyone! They work in such a way that you will love them. They turned our complicated move into a piece of cake! The moving crew arrived early and waited for us to arrive because we were not home. After we came, they started working and packed our 2 bedroom apartment in 3 and half hours. They took good care of our belongings. Efficient and professional moving company

This was our first time moving and we had a great experience with Integrated Moving Solutions . The movers were respectful of our belongings, shrink wrapped where needed, and they even included furniture assembly / disassembly. They worked fast and did not waste any time. They took very good care of our belongings, as well as the walls and banisters at both locations. I also appreciate that they did not try to pressure me with unnecessary services. I would highly recommend this amazing moving service to all who are planning to move.

I have used Integrated Moving Solutions for multiple moves and I have to say they are the best movers that I've ever had. They thoroughly wrapped and protected all of my furniture and made sure to get it to my next apartment in quality condition. They have competitive rates and all the movers I have had were hard workers that got the job done in time.i will surely reuse them for my next cross-state move.

I had hired Integrated Moving Solutions for my recent move. The moving team was friendly and professional. The foreman and his movers took great care not to damage the walls, doors, floors, etc as well as the furniture and boxes. They worked a long day and were as pleasant at the end as they were at the beginning. I would not hesitate to hire them again.

I heard a lot about Integrated Moving Solutions from my friends and finally I tried them while moving to a new apartment . The moving team arrived on the scheduled time .They were careful, very efficient and fast while packing or moving. Everything was done according to my preferences and also dealt with great commitment and care. I am looking forward to use them again for my future move. Highly recommended moving service.

I am still amazed from the low price I paid for their service. It was really easy moving, and the men who came to help me with my long distance move were really friendly and they did their job honestly and right. No damages and no hidden fees! I am recommending Integrated Moving Solutions to people who need good service and a trustworthy moving company!

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