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Seminole, FL 33772
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Every one of My Sons approached me for my survey, guaranteed to give me something in return for that audit, at last they didn't, furthermore didn't recognize the issues I raised in my survey... So I'll post it here for other people to know about.

(1) The folks didn't move in 2 huge things. They didn't have a measuring tape and said it wouldn't fit. After I discovered my measuring tape, it turns out the things would fit, however now I have no chance to get of getting the things. Think about where those are presently? As yet sitting my carport!! 1 of the things I have no clue how I will bring it inside its substantial and clumsy.

(2) Scratched my fresh out of the box new stainless $2,500 ice chest

(3) Broke a portion of my lounge area table

The ENTIRE point to asking the client how we did, is to really mind how you did. There is no good reason for asking how you did, to discover, and after that do nothing about the issues that emerged.

Won't be utilizing them once more. Less identified with the folks that appeared to move, but since the organization clearly doesn't esteem my business. On the other hand my criticism.

These folks are astounding!!! I needed to help my mother move into her new residence and was responsible for picking the moving guys....I'm so upbeat I picked Savannahs Moving, they truly are the best in all of LA. They where simple to converse with via telephone and arrive right on time the day of the move. Everything was so proficient! My mother has a great deal of delicate things and not a solitary thing broke amid the move! The movers dress professionally and are greatly agreeable. I know procuring a moving company is more costly then doing it without anyone else's help, however for me it was absolutely justified, despite all the trouble!!!

I had managed other moving companys before and never had such a positive ordeal. I was so glad, I rushed to the ATM to give them an additional tip!!! You will love picking them by any means.

Masters: Affordable, Professional, Friendly, Trustworthy

Cons: None

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