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PUC # 2459409
2120 Sunnydale Blvd
Clearwater, FL 33765
Contact Phone: 727-333-7222
Additional Phone: 727-333-7222
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Moving with Spartan Van Lines

Spartan Van Lines contributes positive help to our consumers as we attempt to gratify our customers wants.
Spartan Van Lines can gain your relocation well-fixed with moving and storage companies who may equal with you every footstep of the elbow room.
Thus, take a vantage of the reviews by review below, whether you're plainly reading Spartan Van Lines review or writing them.

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I couldn't have asked for a better move. Price was perfect. Customer Service was excellent. The movers were phenomenal and I am a happy customer. They were able to fit my move in last minute because the other company cancelled. They had a special going on and there were no surprises at the end. Price quoted was price paid. No issues on move day with anything. I will use them again and recommend to my friends and family. Thank you Spartan Van Lines!

No complaints. Price was exactly as quoted. The secretary was really helpful and knowledgable. The movers had no issues and works their butts off. No damages and a nice price. I will use them again.

No problems! Move was as perfect as moving is going to be. At least they were nice so the moving process was a bit more pleasant!

Scheduled the move more than 2 weeks in advance. Contacted them the Tuesday before the move and they confirmed the move. On the Saturday of the move, no one showed up. Took me an hour to get someone on the telephone and I was told that the move was never scheduled. They tried to reschedule the move and I terminated the conversation.

Great job! Glad to see there are honest movers still left!

They were awesome!!! The whole staff is hilarious, very careful and on point but laid back and knows how to laugh! Katie helped me with my move and she was such a sweet girl. I had lots of questions and she seemed to answer every one with care. I really trust her. The guys came out and they were just like Katie! Paid attention to detail and answered all my many questions professionally. This is a wonderful up and coming small business and I will support them however I can, hopefully my little review gets seen because I am pleased with my service. Oh yeah, great prices too. They beat anyone else who called with quotes.

My review didnt post before but they did a wonderful job and I would recomment them to friends

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