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USDOT # 2771174
PUC # 191314
43 Dowitcher Way
San Rafael, CA 94901
San Rafael
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Moving with Viking Piano Movers

Here in the North Bay we establish our Moving business, Viking Piano Moving. We wanted to be in San Francisco and around Marin County where the owner came from. It was the spot the owner wanted to meet music companions, and take a seat to play my piano or my guitar. In more than 15 years of moving knowledge, Viking Movers have moved more than 25,000 pianos! Working with the top merchants in the San Francisco Bay Area. Viking movers have transported pianos for the Monterey Jazz Festival, San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Symphony, expansive stadium venues for shows, and other exceptional open occasions. Moves have additionally included weddings, funerals, holy places, schools, presentations, and private gatherings. I have been endowed with $150,000 Grand Pianos, grandmother's 1927 upright, computerized grand pianos, and a family's buy of a second-hand spinet for a youngster's starting piano lessons. Every piano is regarded with the appreciation as the esteemed item it is for the proprietor.

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Mark and his team were great!! My stairs were particularly tricky, and the guys made it work!!!!I am so happy with the piano, and especially their patience and customer service. Excellent!! I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

These folks were extraordinary. Super quick and truly intensive. Wen't through and ensured everything was superbly wrapped all while being on the low end of time they cited.

Extraordinary occupation folks!

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