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South Valley Movers, your neighborhood moving organization, is your migration authority! We are authorized and guaranteed for nearby, vast and long separation moves.
With more than 25 years of experience, Ken Abbott, neighborhood proprietor administrator, will help with all parts of your migration.
In Sisikiyou and Shasta Counties: serving Redding, Mt. Shasta and the encompassing ranges!
In Santa Clara County: serving San Jose and the encompassing ranges!
  • South Valley Movers gives:
  • Neighborhood moving
  • Long separation moving
  • Pressing and Furniture Prep administrations accessible
  • Little to single piece moves accessible
  • Same day or following day moving support of most focuses in California

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Hello, I would like to advise any future/possible customer against using Ken with South Valley Movers. I am writing this review on behalf of a few people, including myself, that have interacted with him. From my own experience and in talking with others he is a very condescending person that doesn't give women the time of day. He has been extremely rude to his customers, and locations of business he interacts with, and has even brought his customers to tears. If you go with South Valley Movers, which I know there are limited options in this area, just be prepared for a really unprofessional experience. Best of luck to you. You Local Friend

Eric S.

Eric S.


A week ago South Valley dealt with our turn, confused by our stuff being moved to a few distinct areas. I was truly inspired by their persistence, feeling of criticalness, and thoughtfulness regarding staying away from harm. Rope, Chris, Sean, and MIke all made an incredible showing - they work to a great degree well as a group. I would not delay to utilize them again or to suggest them.

B D.

B D.


I intended to redesign this when I moved, yet that is the way things are in a fixer-upper! I was miserable with the two unique quotes I got by telephone from the most well known moving organization in Yreka - the waste organization - so I continued searching for a mover. South Valley Movers was certainly the better decision. I began with a 4 star rating, and I've updated them to 5. The proprietor of this organization was one of the two folks that did my turn. Both men were both spotless and proficient, and on time. They were cordial and appeared to really make the most of their work. Both movers were benevolent and supportive and even offered to pack up a percentage of the free stuff in the extra closet boxes I had, on the off chance that I needed to. I certainly acknowledged in light of the fact that I knew very well indeed that I wouldn't give back the cases for a discount. They were composed and tenaciously worked both stacking and emptying the truck, including moving furniture and boxes upstairs in my new home, and they took consideration to guarantee that they didn't harm anything. When they had completed and we were wrapping up, the time it took to move was precisely the base charge - so there was no additional expenses for me. Much obliged to you South Valley Movers!


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