Two Guys and a Truck

PUC # 191280
18262 Enterprise Lane Hb
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Huntington Beach
Contact Phone: (888) 625-STRG
Additional Phone: (714) 596-5979
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Two Guys and a Truck in California

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I can't trust I'm giving a moving organization a 5 star. I moved from Lakewood to Huntington Beach. Contracted these folks since they were near where I was moving and needed to bolster a neighborhood organization.

Manny, Scoop, and Mike appear at 8:30 and wrenched for 11 straight hours. They were most delightful folks, treated my family with the most extreme regard, and kept an extraordinary state of mind throughout the day. Still can't trust I'm giving a moving organization a 5 star, yet they earned everybody of them.

I have utilized Two Guys and a Truck moving three times all through fifteen years and have dependably been fulfilled. The proprietor is amicable and accommodating in arranging and staying in touch before and all through your turn alongside the front office staff. Other than the truck being ten minutes late on my last move, everything went of course and I was not shocked by anything a minute ago. The folks who have moved me every time have been pleasant and super brisk with the majority of their work, perfect and super supportive. Much appreciated again Nick Josh and Manny.

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