The Movers Didn't Show Up!

If the movers did not show up, this is not good. Try to communicate with the company to see if there is a delay for some sort of reason. Sometimes vehicles are often stopped in weigh stations to be inspected, this can take a couple of hours for different scenarios such as for paying for a state vehicle pass or a highway patrol officer inspecting the vehicle to see if the shipment is correct on the vehicle or safety reasons.

What to Do if There's Been a Delay

If the moving company is slightly delayed plan for the necessary changes to be able to manage their upcoming arrival.

If you feel that the moving company has abandoned you and has no intention to show up you should immediately fill out a quote form on Moving Authority and post the date that you need to be picked up. Hopefully this isn't the case.

"Don't Sweat the Small Things"

If the company runs late do not stress yourself out about it. All of the major self help gurus all say, "Don't sweat the small things". Keep positive and communicative to the best of your ability. The move still needs to be done and there are specific actions that need to be completed. Good luck and go get it done.
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Shawn Locks 3 years, 6 months ago

If my movers do not show up, is it possible for me to cancel my contract with them? I really don't want to continue my move with them if they are not able to communicate with me effectively regarding my move. Is it possible for me to cancel my contract with them and sign with another moving company if I want to do so? I just want to get my move done as soon as possible and I'm tired of waiting for the mover to show up. Thanks for your help. | Reply

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