Who Needs an MC Number

Who Needs an MC Number

Who needs an MC Number?” Don't feel embarrassed if you've been asking this question. It’s one of the most common concerns across the entire transportation industry. Let’s say that you plan to transport either people or goods/cargo for compensation. That means there’s already a strong chance that you need an MC Number. Why? Without MC authority, the FMCSA could fine and penalize your company. Speaking of the FMCSA, there are many rules and regulations that you must know about. Please continue reading to learn the specifics of MC status numbers. This way, you can figure out for certain if you need an MC Number. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our organization.

What Is the MC Number?

The FMCSA uses “MC Number” as another term for an “MX” or “FF” Number. People need MC Numbers to secure official FMCSA Operating Authority. Without MC status, an operator cannot maintain authority while driving a vehicle. This is part of US federal law. But keep in mind that an MC and USDOT Number are not the same concepts. A single DOT Number positions a company to operate within one or more states. But you might need more than one MC Number to operate in the same states. A number with MC status ensures that the DOT and FMCSA can recognize each vehicle.

Do I Need To Get an MC Number?

Almost all interstate (not intrastate) transportation companies must secure an MC Number. Why? Because they're transporting goods/cargo or people for compensation. (“Goods/cargo” refers to commodities that get regulated by the FMCSA.) Thus, both for-hire and private carriers need numbers with MC status. Otherwise, it’s illegal for them to transport cargo and people. Even carriers that only operate within a commercial zone must use the number. Say a company chooses not to have an active MC Number. That carrier will get penalized for violating US federal law. Do you need to secure a CAL trucking permit? Our firm is ready to help you get one ASAP

Does My Company Need an MC Status Number?

Is your transportation company operating as a “for-hire” business? If so, there’s a very strong chance that it needs an MC Number. Of course, this refers to transporting either cargo or people for compensation. Let’s say the transportation is taking place across state lines or national borders. Then that means your company must have Interstate Operating Authority. Your business can receive that authority from the FMCSA. But this cannot happen until your MC status number is active.

Keep in mind that there are a few exceptions in which your company won’t need the number. But the odds of receiving an exemption from the FMCSA are slim. Now, let’s say your company only conducts intrastate transportation. This means your business must secure intrastate operating authority through the FMCSA. “Intrastate” refers to companies that transport goods/people within one state. In that case, most companies only need to get a USDOT Number. You're welcome to scroll down and learn more about what a USDOT Number is.

How Can I Apply To Receive an MC Number?

There are two options when it comes to applying for an MC Number. You can go to the FMCSA website and begin the application process. Or, you can have Moving Authority create an application on your behalf. Thousands of careers depend on our organization to receive MC Numbers. Why? Because our registration experts have decades of experience. Their industry knowledge positions them to get applications submitted ASAP.

The key is to get started on an MC application as soon as you can. Why? Because getting an MC status number activated can take at least three or four weeks. Also, the FMCSA charges an application fee before you can receive your number. That feed cannot get refunded. Again, it’s best to apply for MC Operating Authority on an immediate basis. This way, you can avoid complications and delays that could arise.

More About MC Operating Authority & Who Needs It

Almost all interstate transportation companies have to have MC Operating Authority. But that’s not all. These interstate businesses also need to use active DOT Numbers. This applies to cargo carriers that operate as for-hire organizations. An MC Number is also for the transportation of passengers in interstate commerce. It’s best to check to see if your company transports any federal regulated commodities. If it does, then you’ll need MC authority to cross state lines.

Can I Operate Without an MC Number?

No, you cannot operate as an interstate carrier until you receive the MC permit. (Or, the MC certificate.) The only exception is if you're transporting exempt commodities on an exclusive basis. You can find a list of these commodities on the FMCSA website. If they apply to you, then it’s possible you can operate without MC status. But even then, you still must have an active USDOT Number. Do you believe your company qualifies as an exempt for-hire interstate motor carrier? If so, please contact Moving Authority. Our experts can check to see if you can operate without an MC authority number.

What Is an MC Number Used For?

The FMCSA uses an MC Number to recognize a specific type of motor carrier. These are carriers that transport commodities on a for-hire basis. They do so across interstate commerce. Since many carriers of this class exist, MC Numbers are very common in trucking. A US DOT Number recognizes almost all carriers that operate within interstate commerce.

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Do I Need Insurance To Get an MC Number?

Yes, the FMCSA demands that each applicant must have public liability insurance. Otherwise, you cannot receive MC Operating Authority. The insurance must have coverage for both property damage and bodily injury. Insurance is not the only criteria that must first go on file. An applicant also needs to have a BOC-3. Once an application’s submitted, the FMCSA uses a 21 day protest period. Please contact our organization if you have questions about insurance or the BOC-3.

How Long Does It Take for My MC Number To Be Active?

The FMCSA will provide your MC status number on an immediate basis. That is also the case when receiving a new DOT Number. But there’s a catch. DOT Numbers become active as soon as you receive them. MC Numbers do not. In fact, the FMCSA uses a 21 day vetting period after someone receives an MC number. Once the period is over, the number with MC authority becomes active.

Who Doesn’t Need MC Authority?

Certain US carriers do not need to receive MC Operating Authority. The most common type is a private carrier that transports its own cargo. A for-hire carrier that only hauls exempt commodities also does not need MC authority. Does your carrier only operate within a designated “commercial zone?” If so, it is also exempt from needing to get an MC authority number.

What’s the Difference Between MC & USDOT Numbers?

The USDOT Number serves as its own specific interstate Operating Authority designation. It applies to all interstate movers on the road. An MC status number is a separate form of interstate Operating Authority. The FMCSA supplies both MC Numbers and DOT Numbers. Most interstate moving companies must secure both a DOT Number and MC Number.

What Is the Purpose of a USDOT Number?

A USDOT Number refers to the official US Department of Transportation Number. It functions as its own interstate Operating Authority. The number serves as an identifier for the FMCSA. Through the number, the FMCSA can recognize each interstate moving company. The US government uses the number to track the safety records of moving companies. Those records refer to ratings and inspections. They can also address registration status, compliance reviews, and much more. This information is public. You can access it with ease using the official FMCSA website.

How Can I Receive a New MC & USDOT Number?

As of 2015, companies must use the FMCSA’s online Unified Registration System. That is where they can apply to secure a new MC and USDOT Number. Does your company have an old MC or DOT Number? If so, you have to apply using the FMCSA’s OP01 series forms. Or, you can find more information on the FMCSA website. That’s where you can input your current MC and USDOT Number digits. But wait- there’s one major alternative.

Your company can receive a new MC and DOT Number through our organization. We provide different packages on our website that can fit the needs of your business. You're welcome to call us right now with questions about getting new numbers. Our transportation experts can work one-on-one with FMCSA officials. This way, you can receive your MC and/or DOT numbers fast.

If you're an out-of-state carrier, then you must get a Trip Permit.

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Do you have questions about how to get an MC or USDOT Number? If so, do not hesitate to contact the Moving Authority team. You're welcome to pick up the phone and call our number right now. Or, you can message us on our website or even send out an email. Our team of transportation experts knows the ins and outs of interstate authority. And they're ready to help your moving company reach new heights. We look forward to answering your questions and taking care of your MC applications.


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