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Our organization specializes in helping companies apply for an MC Number. No matter the size or location of your business, we’re ready to assist. Moving Authority uses patented processes to help companies get MC authority ASAP. Through MC authority, your business can secure the official Authority to Operate. Without that authority, the US government will not let your workers transport goods. Understanding MC Numbers In The Trucking Industry. That’s why a number with MC status matters so much.

Getting Operating Authority seems confusing to many business professionals. That’s why carriers across the US depend on our organization. They know that we can help anyone apply for an MC Number at the speed of light. Let’s now go over the basics of how to apply for a number with MC status. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact our organization.

Who Must Apply for MC Numbers?

All interstate carriers across the US need to apply to get an MC Number. Without the number, a carrier cannot operate in a legal manner. But keep in mind that there are unique classifications of MC operating authorities. The Operating Authority that you need corresponds to the type of company that you run. That authority also applies to the cargo that your workers transport. Let’s go over the most common forms of MC Operating Authorities.

Moving Companies (Any Motor Carrier of Household Goods) Must Have an Active MC Number

This type of business gets classified as an authorized for-hire motor carrier. But authority only exists once a company secures an active MC Number. As you know, moving companies transport household goods for the general public. Why MC Number is Important in Trucking. And each moving business cannot do so without MC authority by way of a unique number. So, what counts as household goods? They are personal items that belong inside someone’s home. And you cannot transport the items without having an active MC Number.

Motor Carriers of Property (Except Household Goods) Need Numbers With MC Status

These types of carriers get authorized as official for-hire motor carriers. MC Trucking Benefits. The carriers get paid to transport regulated commodities for the general public. (Except household goods.) This type of carrier cannot secure full-scale authority without an MC Number. This is one of the most common types of carriers that operate in the US. Our organization has helped thousands of them secure numbers with MC status.

Every Broker of Household Goods Needs an MC Number

A broker is the entity who gets paid to arrange for household goods to get transported. How To Check a Trucking Company. These transportation arrangements cannot take place unless the broker uses an MC Number. Once a broker has the number, it must communicate with an authorized motor carrier. That carrier also receives its MC authority through a number with official MC status.

A Broker of Property (Except Household Goods) Must Have MC Authority

So, what is a broker of property? It’s any entity that gets paid for arranging property to get transported. A motor carrier with authority is the party that transports the goods. Well, not only does the carrier need MC Authority, but the broker of property also needs it. In fact, authority cannot even exist without someone using an active MC Number.

We’ll Help You Get an MC Number Today so That You Have the Authority To operate

Moving Authority is one of the top resources for helping companies get Operating Authority. And that authority cannot become valid without having an MC authority number. Almost all interstate and intrastate moving companies need the number. Without it, the FMCSA and DOT cannot supply interstate Operating Authority.

Speaking of Operating Authority, we also help companies secure DOT numbers. In fact, we can provide an authority package to you that features an MC and DOT number. You're welcome to browse the authority packages on our website. Or, you can pick up the phone and call us right now. There are many types of authority that connect to MC authority. Our experts will answer your questions and help you find the right solutions.

How Long Does it Take To Get an MC Number?

Let’s say that you choose not to apply for an MC Number through our organization. If so, you’ll have to work one-on-one with the FMCSA. Most MC authority applications through the FMCSA take at least twenty business days. Now, say that you do not apply for your MC Number online and mail in the application. You can expect to wait about forty to sixty business days. That’s right- the FMCSA will make you wait so many days to get your MC Number. That’s one reason why tons of carriers across the US depend on Moving Authority. They know that our experts will go the extra mile to secure each MC status number ASAP. You might want to learn about MC Numbers for sale.

Using the Unified Registration System for MC Authority

Are you a first time MC authority applicant? If so, you might need to register using the FMCSA Unified Registration System. It’s for each applicant that hasn't registered with the FMCSA in the past. Active MC And DOT Authority. Also, these are applicants that have not received a US DOT Number. Please contact our organization today if you need help with Unified Registration. Many people find this process very confusing when accessing the FMCSA website. Are you an MC applicant that already completed USDOT number registration? If so, our organization can help you get an MC Number. This way, you won’t have to waste time using the FMCSA online legacy registration system.

What Does Trucking Authority Mean?

Trucking authority is a common team that applies to all aspects of the trucking industry. But it refers to the exact same concepts as motor carrier Operating Authority. In fact, both terms also refer to DOT authority and MC authority. Understanding DOT Registration Requirements. That’s why you need a USDOT Number and number with MC status to operate vehicles. All these concepts correspond to the FMCSA policy of Operating Authority. And you cannot get that authority until after you have MC authority.

Get Trucking Authority Once You Apply for an MC & DOT Number

It’s pretty easy to get trucking authority for any company. But you can only do so once you apply for both an MC and DOT Number. Filling out these applications is crucial to the success of any new trucking company. Filing For A DOT And MC Number. That’s why Moving Authority focuses so much on MC registration. We’re passionate about helping new trucking businesses succeed. And we know that they can't until they apply for MC authority. So, let us know if you have questions about getting an MC or DOT Number. Our trucking industry experts can assess your unique level of authority. Then, we can apply for a new MC Number on your behalf. This way, you can leave the confusing FMCSA paperwork to the professionals.

We’re Ready To Help You Apply for Operating Authority Right Now

Are you a carrier that transports freight through interstate commerce? If so, you might already know how crucial Operating Authority is. It’s a type of authority that the FMCSA and USDOT demand that most motor carriers have. Regulations in the trucking industry have made Operating Authority a mainstay. Without complete authority, your carrier could get fined into nonexistence. That’s why it’s best to apply for an MC Number as soon as you can. And that’s where Moving Authority can assist.

We specialize in all aspects of MC (and DOT) Number registration. BOC-3 Filling For Trucking Business. Through MC registration, your carrier will have a unique identifier. This way, the FMCSA can conduct inspections and track your safety scores. Plus, the FMCSA will also take part in DOT compliance reviews. Your carrier will face penalties if it cannot provide proof of MC registration. But once you have MC and DOT registration, you can maintain full Operating Authority.

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Are you ready to get on track toward having complete trucking authority? If so, our team’s standing by to fill out your MC authority application. All you've got to do is give us a call right now and let us know what your needs are. We can then create a custom plan for helping you get the authority to operate ASAP. You don't want to risk waiting weeks to hear back from the FMCSA. Instead, our team of trucking experts can complete your MC application fast. While doing so, we’ll use 110 percent accuracy.

Our dedicated professionals won’t rest until you have an active MC authority number. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for your MC Number through our organization today. We’re ready to help you get the complete trucking authority that you deserve. Applying for a number with MC status has never been this easy.