Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage Company

USDOT # 648010
7370 Industrial RD
Florence, KY 41042
Contact Phone: (877) 226-2986
Additional Phone: (859) 371-8111
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Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage Company will supply servicing to our consumers as we endeavor to fit our customers wants.
Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage Company takes into retainer the view and critiquing our clients may have got.
Nelson Markesbery Moving & Storage Company can get tending of your moving demand, exactly translate the revaluation below.

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What a great affair and group of movers. They were so well mannered, accommodating, and cautious. There was salt on our walkways and carport from the late snow, and these men of their word strived to keep our floors spotless and free of everything. They even went well beyond and abstained from going around through our yard to our walkout cellar with an unfathomably overwhelming bit of furniture- - which would have been less demanding on them, yet they rather went down our tight staircase and didn't knock a thing! This was the way kind they were: they would not like to experience our yard and track all the wet snow into our completed storm cellar, so they picked the harder course since it was better for our gang. Simply every stride was well beyond. I am 5 months pregnant and they made me feel so casual about the move. We will prescribe them to everybody we know, and utilize them at whatever time we require anything moved or put away!

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