The Movers Did not Show Up

  1. My Movers Didn't Show!
  2. Stay Calm & Try to Communicate With Them
  3. Considerations Before Putting Down a Deposit
  4. How to Proceed
  5. Reputable and Trustworthy Moving Companies Are Out There

1. My Movers Didn't Show!

The movers didn’t show up at pickup – If the movers didn’t show up at the time you were expecting, make sure there wasn’t a window of arrival. If you have a pickup window it could be a date or a time arrival window. If you are at the pickup, do not stress! This is a problem that can and WILL be solved.

2. Stay Calm & Try to Communicate With Them

Sometimes the moving company may be moving late due to bad traffic, mechanical problems, and employees being late, previous moves taking longer than expected. If any of these are the case, get in contact with the moving company to find out when the anticipated date and time they will arrive. Hopefully, you have verified your moving company through Moving Authority and are dealing with a professional company. This doesn’t mean that things cannot happen before or during the move, so our advice is to take a deep breath and rationally solve the situation.

Moving No Show

  • Verify the pickup window
  • Contact the moving company to find out what is causing the delay
  • Find out if or when they will be able to perform the pickup

Normally a professional moving company will request that a deposit payment is made.

This typically means that they have a schedule that they are going to follow and the deposit means that you will be on their board.

Professional movers want organized and smart individuals which are why they request a deposit.

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3. Considerations Before Putting Down a Deposit

If you are going to pay a deposit, you must make sure that the company that you are about to move with has the proper licensing to perform the moving service that suits your needs, especially if you are going over state lines. If you choose to move with a company that does not hold the proper license, you are gambling with your finances, with your household goods and the correct insurance coverage to protect you and your rights.

4. How to Proceed

If you reach a point where you feel that the movers aren’t going to show up, don’t care about your shipment or don’t want your business, you will have a little more work to do but you must fill out a complete quote - meaning that you fill out your total inventory accurately and completely. If you choose not to follow through with this advice, you will have an open contract meaning that there will be no agreed upon space or weight with the carrier. Our moving tool calculator allows you to input your items and gives you a weight and space estimate needed for the transport of your household goods. Do not rush this procedure and try to be as thorough and informative as possible by filling out the information requested. If you leave items out and add them at the pickup location, the movers will charge you extra for the added space or weight.

5. Reputable and Trustworthy Moving Companies Are Out There

If you are a professional and you need your shipment to be sent quickly, you will need to upgrade the delivery time options to be the first class or business class. This will cost more but it will ensure that the movers will be able to meet your requested delivery time frame. You may have been jaded by a previous company that you have done business with but there are good movers out there right now waiting for your shipment and they want to move you! It is a win – win situation.


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