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arbitration program for movers

All interstate moving companies must have an arbitration program to settle disputes between the carrier and the customers.
Your customers have the RIGHT to request binding arbitration.

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Is the Arbitration program Better?
Understanding a industry is the most important factors when protecting, helping advising. It could have a financial impact so dealing with personal that understand movers regulations and procedures sets us apart from completion.
How Much Does Arbitration Cost?

Participating in our program Only Cost $185.00. We invite you to compare our price to any household goods arbitration program in the market. Our pricing protects you from over inflated required legislation and from fines from USDOT if you do not have program in place.

You must have an arbitration program for individual shippers to resolve disputes about property loss and damage and disputes about whether carrier charges in addition to those collected at delivery must be paid.

You must establish and maintain an arbitration program with the following Arbitration must be binding for claims of $10,000 or less, if the individual shipper requests arbitration. Arbitration must be binding for claims of more than $10,000, if the individual shipper requests arbitration and the carrier agrees to it.

The arbitrator must render a decision within 60 days of receipt of written notification of the dispute, and a decision by an arbitrator may include any remedies appropriate under the circumstances. Failure to establish an arbitration program can result in violations which may be accompanied by hefty fines. The processing of Arbitration is handled when you join an Arbitration program such as the Moving Authority Household Goods Arbitration program. In the event that you are asked to enter into arbitration the fees and amount that both sides will pay is determined by the claim amount.

how much does arbitration cost