Checklist for Moving

Your moving checklist
Checklist for Moving
It can be quite challenging to plan a move. The process can be very stressful and difficult, but with a moving companies you meet on Moving Authority, it makes the move less of a hassle. It is important that you have a checklist for moving. Doing so allows you to be more organized, having everything in order when the movers arrive. It makes moving a smoother process. To prevent chaos on moving day, use your checklist for moving from your old home to the new location. Below are some of the items that you should have on your checklist.
Label Boxes
Clearly label each box according to the rooms. A good way of doing this is to use colored stickers. Labeling the rooms via color, this is super easy to understand at the end of the move and any move will be able to decipher the color of the room by placing the colored sticker on the door that you want them to unpack the items into. So, for your main bedroom, you would label the box, “master bedroom.” You would do the same for children’s rooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Put important documents into a safe place and take them along with you (not packed on the truck). This includes any medication you may need.
Take Out Trash
Another item on your checklist for moving is taking out all the trash and getting rid of flammable products. Prior to moving, trash tends to build up because you have to throw out stuff. Don’t overload your trash container outside or your neighbors won’t be happy. The moving crew will not load flammable products on the truck, so make sure you get rid of those. This includes propane tanks as well.
Clear the Path
Concentrating on the packing is the key to keeping a quick and organized move and also keeps down cost. Stack the boxes to the side so that you're not running into them or constantly stepping over them. This can become tiring if you do this over and over again. You should also clear all doorway paths for movers to get back and forth to the truck. Move plants from walkways. Move door mats and rugs and roll them up. Move items that hang low like plants and wind chimes if they're in the way.
Special Items
If you have fragile items, be sure to point that out to the movers. This is an important item on your checklist for moving. You don’t want valuable items to get damaged during the move. A moving company will handle your items with care and professionalism. However, it is your responsibility to show the movers what to do and which items to take special care with. Also, fill the boxes with the correct cushioning around your fragile items. It is essential that you use a doubled walled dish pack box to put your breakables in, this is a much stronger box and is imperative to protect your household goods.
The Crew Members
Yes, you are paying the moving company for the service, but out of courteousness and kindness, you could consider providing a little refreshment for the crew members. It is a warm gesture that not many people think about. While this is not a bribe of any sort, the crew members will definitely make sure that your items are delivered safe and on time. If you are unable to provide refreshment, a glass of water is good. A hydrated worker is a good worker and it will make sure that the crew doesn't slow down.
On your checklist for moving, be sure to take one last look in the house prior to the moving truck backing out of your driveway. Open closet doors and take a look. Notice if all picture frames have been removed from walls. Look under crawl spaces and stairs. You don’t want to let the driver go and then find out that you left something behind, this is your responsibility, not the movers. Check your list to ensure all things have been done. For more moving tips, browse around today.