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General freight

When you are transporting multiple items that need to be kept together during relocation, general freight service options come to mind. It’s economical and green-friendly, as it allows for multiple shipments to be consolidated into one large shipment. At Moving Authority we understand that palletized freight is a necessary option for relocation, and specializes in connecting you to only the best companies that offer this service. The first step is to determine whether your moving situation would be best suited by palletized freighting. You know you are a good candidate for this general freight services if you are moving multiple items that collectively weigh over 150 pounds. In addition, using pallets for relocation is best when objects are extremely heavy. They are a flexible form of transporting goods, and can carry up to 4700 pounds of weight. The options for use are wide, and offer a secure environment for property that needs to ship out on the same schedule. After deciding that you require a palletized freight, the next decision is choosing the type of pallet. At Moving Authority we makes sure to have service provider options who include both wood and plastic pallets, of all sizes. When selecting a pallet material and size, the best option should accommodate all property and pose minimal risk for property damage. Plastic pallets are water-resistant and easy to manage- but can cost more than wood. Pallets made of wood are eco-friendly and reusable, and can hold more weight. However, wood can splinter and suffer from water damage, which could ultimately damage property transported on the pallet. Moving Authority can link you to a company who can help you choose which material is best, based on the type of property and the method of travel (air or sea). Our goal is to provide you with the best companies around, thus minimizing the risk of damage or schedule delays. After selecting the general freight option and the type of pallet you need, Moving Authority makes sure that you are connected to a company that is skilled at packing pallets. Packing items onto a pallet is an artform, and improperly packed items can result in property damage. Here at Moving Authority organization is key, and we take pride in working with companies who are dedicated to the process of triple-checking packed items. After wrapping each item into one single shipment, we affix easily identifiable labels to ensure that your property is watched over through every step of the relocation process. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when selecting any of the relocation companies in our network, so we highly suggest working with a company that provides 24-hour tracking on property en route. Finally, rest assured that all companies offering general freight in our circle are fully licensed and insured. When it comes to planning a large move, let Moving Authority help you select the best service options for your situation. From general freight to dedicated freight, we’ve got you covered.


Dedicated Freight

At Moving Authority, Dedicated Freight is one of the specialized services we feature in our esteemed network of moving companies. Dedicated freight is a transportation option designed to cut costs and streamline relocation efforts. Each dedicated freight service in our network available for all shipment sizes, and allowing us to serve all customers. Each customer will receive a free quote for dedicate freight services, and information on how to access customer service to design a plan that meets all schedule and size needs. The first step in utilizing our resource center to access professional relocation freight services starts here.One advantage of using the Moving Authority’s dedicated freight service is reliability. All truck drivers in our resource center are licensed and educated on each individual state law regarding transportation of goods across state lines. In addition, we strive to only connect you with drivers who have solid track records. We understand how valuable your property is, and take every step possible to minimize the risk of loss or schedule delay. We are also able to link you with companies who provide online tracking of your items en route, so you know where your items are during transportation. Each company also provides a range of insurance options for added trip and item protection. After assessing your particular needs, your team of professional movers and truckers will collaborate to customize your shipment. This planning period does not take long and provides you with a solid map of shipment preparation, pick up, and delivery. We make sure that all moving services can be added alongside our dedicated freight service, so that you don’t have to deal with multiple service contracts and vendors. Simply decide what you need in a moving company, and we will find your one stop shop.When it comes to dedicated freight services, know that your relocation occurs in a straight line with Moving Authority. We pride ourselves on working with companies who are highly efficient. Once you’ve scheduled your truck for delivery, ideally your company simply loads your items and then drives straight to their destination. We know how important it is to maintain a schedule, and we encourage you to work with movers who take into account all factors affecting travel time. From extreme weather to traffic, it’s best to plan routes thoroughly so that each truck arrives within the expected time frame. We do our best to reduce costs by being able to accommodate all shipments, by working with a wide range of freight companies. This allows you to do a one-time inventory and a one-time unpacking. We strive to help you keep the cost of transportation at maximal efficiency. If you schedule a routine shipment with one of our dedicated freight partners, you can rest assured there will be no hidden fees or variance in cost. Here at Moving Authority, we work to suit all your moving needs. If you’ve got a large delivery, call us now for a connection today!