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We were moved on Saturday, May 29. We were moving from Tigard Oregon to Kennewick Washington. I was at the new place in Kennewick and my husband was in Tigard. They began packing up and when they were finished they quoted a price that was $1000 over the estimate and demanded cash. We had enough cash to pay for what the estimate called for and my husband had to go begging and borrowing to get the rest of the cash. He would’ve complained about it but they had us over a barrel. We needed our stuff moved so the new people could move into our home. When I looked at the contract the estimate was for 40 boxes and they charged us for an additional 72 boxes which came to $907.20. And they were very very very rude. When I pointed out two broken lamp shades I was told I should have purchased extra insurance. I am filing a claim for $800 and I’ve also reported this to the DOT.

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MarilynAnne Schroeder

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17058 SW Eldorado Drive. Tigard. OR. 97224

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8180 W 4th Avenue D103. Kennewick WA. 99336

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