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(818) 455-2654

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Full complaint is too large for this application. I can send full report upon request. Here is an excerpt: BEFORE I BEGIN, LET ME STATE THAT THEY TOLD ME THE EXACT SAME THING THAT THEY TOLD MELODY, IN THE REVIEW BEFORE THIS ONE: Truck broke down, no idea when my stuff would be delivered. This place is not a moving company, it is a thieving company. The movers are not held accountable for anything, they can just steal whatever they desire. Please tell me how do you lose a California King Size ORGANIC COTTON Mattress? You do not: you sell it to someone else...another issue: I did not choose this company, I chose to work with New Frontier Van Lines, & THEY chose these losers. I did not check the reviews for this company, as it was already decided before I knew their name. New Frontier somehow got people to give them good reviews, but it was probably their family members. Theft, Negligence, Fraud, 5 hours late for, & 4 days early. I have filed a police report, & intend to follow thru

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Tchiya Amet El Maat

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238 60 Greely Street Covelo, CA 95428

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8006 S. Ellis Ave 60619

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