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In November I filed a claim for n expensive sofa your movers ruined and I haven't been paid for. The sofa is unusable and pictures were filed to Tony and Deana. I have asked several times for updates but no follow up nor payments have been received. The company ruined a wall and stairs at my house (I have pictures and movers acknowledge damage), which after much fighting you finally credit me $350, after I contacted the builder to fix it at a very cheap price. Your movers were careless and sloppy, and they did not put together well a bed frame that now is falling apart and almost hurt my daughter in the head. Now, I have to pay someone to come and fix it. This has been a total nightmare. I demand payment for the damages and for you to pay the fixing of the bed frame that because it was badly put together now I have to get someone to do it right. These, among many other issues I had with the moving.

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Ingrid Ortega

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1113 Edinburgh, Chesapeake

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4785 Willben St, Norfolk

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