What Is an MTR Number? (How To Get an MTR Permit & Number)

What Is an MTR Number? (How To Get an MTR Permit & Number)

What is an MTR Number?” That’s a common question our company receives from clients. An MTR Number is a separate designation from a PSG number. Both a PSG and MTR are crucial permits that many carriers need. Carriers making interstate moves in California must secure an MTR Number.

What is an California MTR number

An MTR Number is for motor carriers of property. Meanwhile, a PSG Number is for motor carriers of passengers. MTR is a special designation used to distinguish a unique type of motor carrier. Each number with MTR status gets used for internal record-keeping processes. That also applies to numbers with PSG status. California is the predominant state in the US tracking MTR related numbers.

Some carriers need a PSC designation. This refers to passenger stage corporations. There’s also the TCP motor carrier designation. The TCP designation is only for charter-party carriers. CAL-T is another designation for certain California household goods carriers. Most carriers have to put a CA number, certificate number or permit on their vehicles. Without carrier identification, your company could experience government penalties. Or, your moving company might get penalized by the US government. But do not despair. Moving Authority is here to get your company registered today. Please call us right now to receive an MTR Number. Our registration team can also take care of all other motor carrier registration.

How Does Getting an MTR Number Work?

Moving Authority is the number one MTR license consultant in the US. We created a simple, efficient, and cost-effective system for getting an MTR number. This refers to the Household Goods Carrier License in California. Sometimes a number with MTR status gets referred to only as a “moving license.” The MTR license gets provided by the California Public Utilities Commission. The commission often gets abbreviated as “PUC.” Our organization can guide your company through the entire PUC registration process. We provide both MTR and PUC consulting services. The services can help you understand how to maintain PUC compliance.

Do you need advice about securing a household goods moving license? If so, our moving registration experts are standing by. They can walk you through how to get a DOT and an MC Number. But that’s not all. We can also instruct you on how to get an MTR license, and get the MC Number. The steps to apply for an MTR (moving company) license aren’t as complicated as you think. Our professionals can even fill out an MTR license application on your behalf.

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The Steps for a Moving Company To Get a Number/Permit With MTR Status

Listed below are MTR permit/number registration steps. Our company can assist your business with these steps at any time. All you've got to do is give us a call. We can walk you through any of these MTR steps. This way, your moving company/motor carrier can start hauling more goods. To adhere to all FMCSA and DOT policies, you must know the differences between USDOT and MC Numbers.

MTR Number Step #1: Complete Registration for Your Business

The first step toward getting a number for MTR is to register your moving business. You must do this before beginning the Household Carrier moving license application process. This applies to many motor carriers across California. Almost every owner or mover must operate a registered business in California. Don't panic if you need help getting your moving company off the ground. Our organization has helped thousands of companies register with the government. We can help you figure out the type of business structure that you need. This way, you’ll get on your way toward securing a number with MTR status.

MTR Number Step #2: Register With the USDOT

It’s now time to apply for the USDOT. You can start your USDOT application after your business gets registered. “USDOT” refers to the United States Department of Transportation. Every moving company in the US must register with the USDOT. Otherwise, a carrier cannot begin the MTR license or permit process.

MTR Number Step #3: Apply for an MTR Through the PUC

In California, your company must file an application toward the PUC. But the registration process is far from complete. Say that the PUC provides you with an MTR Number. The PUC will also issue an official deficiency letter. The letter will contain final terms for activating a new MTR license.

MTR Number Step #4: Secure a Quality Insurance Carrier

The time has come to find a high-quality insurance carrier for your company. Keep in mind that the quotes of insurance carriers will always vary. Try to price-shop different insurance carriers. This way, you can secure the ideal price for your moving company. Keep in mind that Moving Authority works with many different insurance providers. Some might provide discounted rates to our customers.

MTR Number Step #5: Complete the MTR Written Exam

So, what is the MTR written exam? It’s an in-person exam to secure a Moving Company License Permit. Oftentimes, the owner of a moving company will take an MTR exam. But any worker at your business can take this written test. Our organization can contact the PUC on your behalf before the MTR exam. This way, we can help your carrier secure a convenient test taking day.

MTR Number Step #6: Adhere to PUC Live Scan Fingerprinting Policies

The PUC enforces that any company owner has to provide Live Scan fingerprints. This way, the PUC can verify the background of every individual. Moving Authority can help you find a local Live Scan facility. It’s important to complete the Live Scan fingerprint requirement. Otherwise, crucial registration information will not get sent to a PUC representative. Without this step, a carrier cannot receive an expedited process of the documents.

MTR Number Step #7: Complete Your MTR Application

It’s now time for the MTR application for your carrier to get finalized. The key is to make sure that all deficiencies get addressed. Plus, your new insurance must get posted for the PUC. Our industry experts can help you prepare your final PUC documents. Once this step’s complete, your moving company can experience its first day of business.

Your Company (Motor Carrier) Is in Safe Hands With Moving Authority

Moving Authority provides full-scale MTR and PUC registration services in California. Our team created a cost effective MTR solution. We know how to simplify any process for setting up a new moving company. Our mission is to provide a Household Goods Carrier Permit to customers ASAP. All you've got to do is call us at any time.

Register Your New Moving Business Today

Our team is standing by to help you set up your new moving business. And that starts with registration for MTR, MC Number and other standard processes. But we don't stop there. Moving Authority can help you figure out an ideal structure for your business. We’ve helped company after company create a new corporation or LLC. Our experts won’t rest until your company completes registration in California.

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Do You Need a CA# Carrier ID & USDOT Registration?

Say your business needs CA# carrier identification numbers. If so, Moving Authority is here to assist. We can help you secure the identification numbers with ease. Plus, our experts can complete your USDOT Number registration. (And complete all other USDOT related documents.) Registering with the US Department of Transportation can seem confusing. But our patented processes make USDOT registration simple.

Enroll in the California DMV Pull Notice Program To Get a Household Mover Permit (MTR)

Many California motor carriers have to enroll in the DMV Pull Notice Program. Our organization can guide you through the entire enrollment process. Tons of carriers use the program to secure an MTR Household Mover Permit. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions about the program.

Help Preparing for the MTR Proctored Exam

Are you worried about doing well on the MTR Proctored Exam? Fear not. Moving Authority is standing by to help you prepare for this crucial MTR test. We can do more than take basic exam preparation steps. Our experts can review any MTR Household Movers Permit Application. We should do this before sending out BHGS documents for processing. "BHGS" refers to the Bureau of Household Goods & Services.

How Do I Get a Mover's License in California?

Getting a mover’s license in California always takes some time. The first step is to get registered with the USDOT. Do so before applying for permits or moving licenses within California. Then, you can apply for MTR. Once you apply for MTR, locating a high-quality insurance carrier is best. After getting insurance, you can take the MTR written exam. Anyone in your business can complete the exam. After passing the MTR exam, your company must submit live scan fingerprints.

We Can Fill Out Your MTR Household Movers Permit Application

Moving Authority has a wealth of experience preparing and reviewing MTR documents. Our team can prepare or review any application your company has. And the MTR Household Movers Permit Application is no exception. A carrier has to complete it before submitting documents to the BHGS. The Bureau of Household Goods & Services can then process the MTR application.

Does your Carrier Need Help Securing Commercial Insurance?

If you need help getting commercial insurance, you're in the right spot. Moving Authority can connect you to a network of preferred brokers. These brokers will assist you in finding the right type of commercial insurance. This includes cargo, worker’s comp, and pl/pd insurance.

Are You Starting a New Moving Business in California? If So, You Need an MTR Permit

If you're starting a new moving business in California, our experts can assist. We’ve helped thousands of new CA number-moving companies succeed. Our team knows all the right steps when it comes to transporting household goods. Almost any motor carrier in California should secure an MTR permits. The official name is the “Household Mover Permit.” Every household mover in California gets regulated by the BHGS. (The Bureau of Household Goods and Services.) We can help ensure the BHGS and PUC complete your registration.
Is your business expanding outside of California? Get your MC Number very easily.

We Assist All US Interstate Movers With Applications & Registration

Moving Authority is proud to serve thousands of US interstate movers every week. We do more than take care of their registration and applications. Our team also helps carriers plan how to conduct interstate moves. Are you planning on making interstate moves in California? If so, you must secure a Household Mover Permit (MTR). But that’s not all an interstate mover needs.

Every US interstate mover must secure an MC Number from the USDOT. If you need a number with MC status, please get in touch with us right now. Our experts can provide your carrier with an MC Number in record time. We’ll also take care of all other FMCSA and DOT registrations. We can fill out all PUC applications and registration if you're based in California. All you've got to do is pick up the phone and call Moving Authority. We look forward to helping your interstate moving company succeed.

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