Things NYU Students Should Consider When Moving

NYU dorm move

  1. From Dorms to Off-Campus Life: NYU Students
  2. Plan Ahead, Avoid Stress, & Enjoy the Adventure
  3. Create a Realistic Budget
  4. Understand What You're Needs Are in a New Apartment
  5. How Much Stuff Are You Moving & How?
  6. Think About Your Car, Is It Worth the Parking Struggle?
  7. What About Renter's Insurance & How Does It Work?
  8. Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help or Hand-Me-Downs
  9. Choosing a Roommate: BFF's Don't Always Mesh
  10. Check Out Your Neighbors and Be Sure You Have The Internet
  11. From the Dorms to Your Own Apartment

1. From Dorms to Off-Campus Life: NYU Students

So, you’re an NYU student—you love NYU but you are ready to start a new adventure and you’ve decided it’s time to move out from the dorms and find a place off-campus. Before you rush into it, there are many things to consider when moving. Moving off campus (if that's where you're coming from) can be a very difficult transition with finding roommates, a legitimate residence, paying the bills, etc. all these things make moving just more stressful on top of finals (we've been there!). We've got some tips for all those in college who need to move. If you use our resources you can become what we consider a professional mover.

2. Plan Ahead, Avoid Stress, & Enjoy the Adventure

However, you will get through this and honestly, it is such an exciting time during a young adult's life that everyone should be enjoying but there are definitely things that you need to keep track of in order to have a successful and smooth move. At Moving Authority we want to help alleviate some of that stress that's piling on top of stress from school ending and help you connect with moving companies that are more familiar to student moving services. 

Stress Free Moving Quotes

3. Create a Realistic Budget

Is your new place in your budget? Estimate and come up with a loose budget in the beginning so you know what you're dealing with. If your parents are assisting you, then consider their budget, too! When viewing apartments near NYU, make sure to mention you’re a student and see if there are any discounts or deals. Is the cost of using a moving company within your budget? Or do you need a truck rental? Try creating a moving timeline as well to keep you organized and less overwhelmed. 

Consider your meal budget. If you were previously on a meal plan at NYU, you won’t be any longer as an off-campus student. Budgeting your food money is important. Start by making a list of healthy essentials and making meal plans.

4. Understand What You're Needs Are in a New Apartment

Where is your apartment in relation to NYU? How far do you have to travel to get there? Consider location and distance when you’re moving, especially in relation to getting to your classes on time. You never know what the traffic will be like either. These are all factors just to consider about the location of where you want to live. 

5. How Much Stuff Are You Moving & How?

How are you moving your stuff? Can you get a friend to lend you their car if you don’t have one yourself? Researching moving trucks or even moving companies will be advantageous. Do you need a moving company? What are your options? You can opt to do a DIY move which many college students tend to do.

However, hiring a professional moving company is more than beneficial for your belongings and your back! If you can't afford a full service or local moving company, try looking for a truck possibly, they are sometimes slightly less than a typical moving company. Either way, do your research! If you look at companies the rule of thumb is to look at least three moving companies and get quotes from each one. This way you can see what the average cost of hiring moving professionals will be like. On our website we off a free cost estimate which will give you a fairly close estimate if done properly.

6. Think About Your Car, Is It Worth the Parking Struggle?

If you do have a car, where are you parking it? If you live on a crowded street and your new apartment doesn’t offer parking spaces, be prepared to park further down the street than you originally anticipated. When you do find the parking spot you've been waiting for make sure to keep that parking spot as long as you can because someone WILL grab it as soon as you pull out. If you need to park make sure you walk safely. Also, if you have a car or might be receiving your car this year then you might want to consider checking out auto shipping quotes which you can find online generally.

7. What About Renter's Insurance & How Does It Work?

Should you purchase renter’s insurance? Some apartment complexes require it but some do not. Renters insurance for apartments can be expensive which makes you question whether or not you need it. What does renters insurance cover? Do some thorough research ahead of time and before finals so you have an idea and you can find out the average cost of renters insurance and compare renters insurance.


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If you move to an apartment that doesn’t require renter’s insurance, do some research and see if it might be important to get.

8. Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help or Hand-Me-Downs

Hand-me-downs, free and discounted furniture—there are a wealth of other people moving or trying to get rid of furniture, especially at the beginning and end of the semester. Check bulletin boards on the NYU campus and on websites. Also, don’t be above asking for help—if your parents, their friends or even your friends at NYU have extra furniture and they never use it, why not ask to see if you can have it?

9. Choosing a Roommate: BFF's Don't Always Mesh

Selecting a roommate—your best friend from NYU may be a great person, but do you really want to live with them? Consider choosing a roommate carefully. Assess yourself honestly. If you’re a neat-freak, you really don’t want to live in a pigsty with someone unwilling to clean up after themselves—no matter how many classes you took at NYU together! This is seriously factual. There are so many stories about mismatched roommates and you want to make sure that you are considering everything when deciding on your roommates. 

10. Check Out Your Neighbors & Be Sure You Have The Internet

Is your new place quiet enough to study? You may not want to travel back to NYU to study in the library. Are your neighbors loud at all hours? It’s worth investigating, especially right before finals! Speaking of studying, what about internet connectivity? Accessing your student portal and your online materials is important and having cheap and decent internet is essential. Look at potential areas where you’d like to move and see what kind of internet service is offered in those areas.

11. From the Dorms to Your Own Apartment 

As a college student, I can vouch for every one of these factors presented above. Unfortunately, I did not have or look into resources such as Moving Authority and it made my early life more difficult. By planning ahead and following these tips when moving off campus, it should be a complete breeze and your move should be stress-free and successful.

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