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small load movers

  1. What is Small Load Moving?
  2. Understanding a Partial Load
  3. Same Day Small Movers
  4. Interstate Movers Small Loads
  5. Protect Your Move & Do Your Research to be Successful

1. What is Small Load Moving?

When you have to relocate, there are minute details to take care of, but each moving project will be unique to your situation. One such move is partial load, which is done by small movers. If you are temporarily relocating, you may need this type of service. You may not want to bring all your belongings or you may have put some in storage. It could be that you are downsizing and had a garage sale, but have to move the main items to your new location. The scenarios can be different for each person. No matter what the situation, you may have to move a partial load using one of the small movers in your city.

2. Understanding a Partial Load 

You will need to understand what is involved in a partial load, how it is organized and what you should do. It can be simple and easy to move a partial load, as long as you have the right information and assistance. Below is a guide on how to choose the appropriate small movers for your partial load.

Get Your Moving Questions Answered

For a successful partial load move, the key is being organized at the location where the household stuff will be going. This is important so the movers will know where to put your belongings. You also need to find a good company that constitutes what small movers really are. The company you choose should be experienced, knowledgeable, skilled and efficient. At this junction, you are not in the mood for any mishaps since you have already done the large move already and want to get really settled in.

3. Same Day Small Movers

Select one of the best small movers with a reputation of doing good work instead of renting a moving van. Make sure there are no hidden costs. Understand the company’s moving policy. Schedule the move in advance. If it is possible, ask about sharing the move with another customer to reduce the cost. Call now to get your partial load done.

Small Movers

4. Interstate Movers Small Loads

Before you call the small movers, make a decision on the things you want to ship and pack them in advance. Prior to calling the moving company, think about your budget and get the right packing supplies for cost effectiveness. When you call the company, find out if they provide packing supplies such as:

  • Mini Boxes
  • Crates
  • Packing Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Blankets
  • Packing Tape

5. Protect Your Move & Do the Research to be Successful

You can also gather these materials on your own, but find out if it is affordable enough to save you that trouble. Of course, there are some ways to save money. You can rent a small moving truck yourself. But if you don't have the help unpacking that you need, it will be more difficult this way. Get a quote from one or more of the small movers that you contact and then compare the cost. You don’t want your small move to be more expensive than your previous relocation. So get the facts before making a decision. You should also check out the reviews written about all of the small movers that you have contacted. You don’t want any surprises.

Tracey M

4 years, 11 months ago

I have organized a partial move for next month, but I will only be able to get there a week later. I don't have anyone to check in the new flat, is it possible to get partial storage and what does it include?

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

4 years, 10 months ago

Hi Tracey. Many movers are able to keep your things in their storage for a monthly fee until the day you are able to move your things into your new flat. Check with movers around your area to see if they offer a storage service as they are the movers that are best for your situation.


Corey Russel

4 years, 9 months ago

Im moving from my studio apartment into a two bedroom house soon. Would it be better for me to get a small moving company or go with one of the larger, full service guys? Im pretty much moving across town, I'd say no more than 15 miles or so. Considering the size of the place i'm in now, what do you think would be cheaper for me to do?

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

4 years, 5 months ago

Hi Corey, I think the smaller moving company will suffice for your needs. The full service moving companies are more for people moving from home to home. There shouldn't be too much in your apartment for a mover to move. Choosing the smaller moving company will save you money compared to hiring the larger mover. However, the larger mover may be able to get your move done in a quicker time so keep that in mind if you want a faster move.


Bobby Wilson

4 years, 5 months ago

Is a DOT number required if you are starting out as a small mover? I started helping moving local residents with my truck and I'm thinking of starting a legitimate business. Right now, I don't have a DOT number but I am willing to get one if it means I can start moving people further away. At the moment, I've moved friends and local neighbors but haven't moved any goods that are too large or too far. I want to continue to move people but I also want to make sure I'm following the laws regarding movers.

user avatar

Ashley Richmond

4 years, 5 months ago

Hey Bobby, if you are planning to start a business as a legitimate moving company, I highly recommend that you get your USDOT number. You are going to need it to start moving customers that are moving far away from their current location. Sooner or later, you are going to be using a large truck instead of a regular pickup truck which will be inspected by DOT officers on the road from time to time. To get your DOT number you must first purchase membership of an arbitration program which is something that we sell. Proof of arbitration is one of the things you need to actually get your DOT number.

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Question Prior to the 20th century, freight was generally transported overland via trains and railroads. During this time, trains were essential, and they were highly efficient at moving large amounts of freight. But, they could only deliver that freight to urban centers for distribution by horse-drawn transport. Though there were several trucks throughout this time, they were used more as space for advertising that for actual utility. At this time, the use of range for trucks was quite challenging. The use of electric engines, lack of paved rural roads, and small load capacities limited trucks to most short-haul urban routes.

Question The Motor Carrier Act, passed by Congress in 1935, replace the code of competition. The authorization the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) place was to regulate the trucking industry. Since then the ICC has been long abolished, however, it did quite a lot during its time. Based on the recommendations given by the ICC, Congress enacted the first hours of services regulation in 1938. This limited driving hours of truck and bus drivers. In 1941, the ICC reported that inconsistent weight limitation imposed by the states cause problems to effective interstate truck commerce.

Question “ The first original song about truck driving appeared in 1939 when Cliff Bruner and His Boys recorded Ted Daffan's "Truck Driver's Blues," a song explicitly marketed to roadside cafe owners who were installing juke boxes in record numbers to serve truckers and other motorists.” - Shane Hamilton

Question In 1999, The Simpsons episode Maximum Homerdrive aired. It featured Homer and Bart making a delivery for a truck driver named Red after he unexpectedly dies of 'food poisoning'.

Question According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 40 million United States citizens have moved annually over the last decade. Of those people who have moved in the United States, 84.5% of them have moved within their own state, 12.5% have moved to another state, and 2.3% have moved to another country.

Question A moving scam is a scam by a moving company in which the company provides an estimate, loads the goods, then states a much higher price to deliver the goods, effectively holding the goods as lien but does this without do a change of order or revised estimate.

Question The interstate moving industry in the United States maintains regulation by the FMCSA, which is part of the USDOT. With only a small staff (fewer than 20 people) available to patrol hundreds of moving companies, enforcement is difficult. As a result of such a small staff, there are in many cases, no regulations that qualify moving companies as 'reliable'. Without this guarantee, it is difficult to a consumer to make a choice. Although, moving companies can provide and often display a DOT license.

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Question As of January 1, 2000, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) was established as its own separate administration within the U.S. Department of Transportation. This came about under the "Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act of 1999". The FMCSA is based in Washington, D.C., employing more than 1,000 people throughout all 50 States, including in the District of Columbia. Their staff dedicates themselves to the improvement of safety among commercial motor vehicles (CMV) and to saving lives.


The Federal Bridge Gross Weight Formula is a mathematical formula used in the United States to determine the appropriate gross weight for a long distance moving vehicle, based on the axle number and spacing. Enforced by the Department of Transportation upon long-haul truck drivers, it is used as a means of preventing heavy vehicles from damaging roads and bridges. This is especially in particular to the total weight of a loaded truck, whether being used for commercial moving services or for long distance moving services in general.
According to the Federal Bridge Gross Weight Formula, the total weight of a loaded truck (tractor and trailer, 5-axle rig) cannot exceed 80,000 lbs in the United States. Under ordinary circumstances, long-haul equipment trucks will weight about 15,000 kg (33,069 lbs). This leaves about 20,000 kg (44,092 lbs) of freight capacity. Likewise, a load is limited to the space available in the trailer, normally with dimensions of 48 ft (14.63 m) or 53 ft (16.15 m) long, 2.6 m (102.4 in) wide, 2.7 m (8 ft 10.3 in) high and 13 ft 6 in or 4.11 m high.


Truckload shipping is the movement of large amounts of cargo. In general, they move amounts necessary to fill an entire semi-trailer or inter-modal container. A truckload carrier is a trucking company that generally contracts an entire trailer-load to a single customer. This is quite the opposite of a Less than Truckload (LTL) freight services. Less than Truckload shipping services generally mix freight from several customers in each trailer. An advantage Full Truckload shipping carriers have over Less than Truckload carrier services is that the freight isn't handled during the trip. Yet, in an LTL shipment, goods will generally be transported on several different trailers.

Question Advocation for better transportation began historically in the late 1870s of the United States. This is when the Good Roads Movement first occurred, lasting all the way throughout the 1920s. Bicyclist leaders advocated for improved roads. Their acts led to the turning of local agitation into the national political movement it became.


The concept of a bypass is a simple one. It is a road or highway that purposely avoids or "bypasses" a built-up area, town, or village. Bypasses were created with the intent to let through traffic flow without having to get stuck in local traffic. In general they are supposed to reduce congestion in a built-up area. By doing so, road safety will greatly improve.
A bypass designated for trucks traveling a long distance, either commercial or otherwise, is called a truck route.

Question The 1950's were quite different than the years to come. They were more likely to be considered "Knights of the Road", if you will, for helping stranded travelers. In these times truck drivers were envied and were viewed as an opposition to the book "The Organization Man". Bestseller in 1956, author William H. Whyte's novel describes "the man in the gray flannel suit", who sat in an office every day. He's describing a typical office style job that is very structured with managers watching over everyone. Truck drivers represented the opposite of all these concepts. Popular trucking songs glorified the life of drivers as independent "wanderers". Yet, there were attempts to bring back the factory style efficiency, such as using tachnographs. Although most attempts resulted in little success. Drivers routinely sabotaged and discovered new ways to falsify the machine's records.


The year of 1977 marked the release of the infamous Smokey and the Bandit. It went on to be the third highest grossing film that year, following tough competitors like Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Burt Reynolds plays the protagonist, or "The Bandit", who escorts "The Snowman" in order to deliver bootleg beer. Reynolds once stated he envisioned trucking as a "hedonistic joyride entirely devoid from economic reality"
Another action film in 1977 also focused on truck drivers, as was the trend it seems. Breaker! Breaker! starring infamous Chuck Norris also focused on truck drivers. They were also displaying movie posters with the catch phrase "... he's got a CB radio and a hundred friends who just might get mad!"

Question The Federal-Aid Highway Amendments of 1974 established a federal maximum gross vehicle weight of 80,000 pounds (36,000 kg). It also introduced a sliding scale of truck weight-to-length ratios based on the bridge formula. Although, they did not establish a federal minimum weight limit. By failing to establish a federal regulation, six contiguous in the Mississippi Valley rebelled. Becoming known as the "barrier state", they refused to increase their Interstate weight limits to 80,000 pounds. Due to this, the trucking industry faced a barrier to efficient cross-country interstate commerce.

Question There are various versions of a moving scam, but it basically begins with a prospective client. Then the client starts to contact a moving company to request a cost estimate. In today's market, unfortunately, this often happens online or via phone calls. So essentially a customer is contacting them for a quote when the moving company may not have a license. These moving sales people are salesman prone to quoting sometimes low. Even though usually reasonable prices with no room for the movers to provide a quality service if it is a broker.

Question Tracing the origins of particular words can be quite different with so many words in the English Dictionary. Some say the word "truck" might have come from a back-formation of "truckle", meaning "small wheel" or "pulley". In turn, both sources emanate from the Greek trokhos (τροχός), meaning "wheel", from trekhein (τρέχειν, "to run").