Safety Comes First

Safe Moving Procedures

When it comes to relocation, here at the Moving Authority we understand that safety is key. While personal safety from injury is one reason to hire professional movers, we also offer the financial safety and protection of your personal property. We do so by working only with top of the line moving companies, with immaculate history and the papers to prove it. When using our dashboard to select your moving company, know that all references are based on their quality and safety quotient. We guarantee safety by the mere fact that all companies in our network have three items: a moving license, full coverage insurance, as well as an active Department of Transportation (DOT) license. While these items may seem to be required without question, you would be surprised at how many companies operate without all three in play. For residential moves, make sure your moving company has a household goods carrier license that is active for all states involved (if cross country). For commercial moves, make sure your company has a motor carrier permit from the local state DMV which is transferable to out of state if necessary. Finally, always ask about the insurance coverage on your mover. Not only should your mover have insurance available to cover your lost or damaged property while in its custody, it should also have insurance for each mover up to $250,000.00 (in case of personal injury) and at least $100,000.00 to cover damage to ANY property while working (either personal or public). These are the minimum state standard requirements for a moving operation to be legal, always know that you can ask for more coverage. It’s important to feel comfortable with the company you are moving with, and to feel confident that they can meet the value of any lost or damaged items. Ideally the right company will have a history of zero loss or damage. There are so many factors to consider when moving, one might overlook the breadth of the definition of safety. Rest assured that any company you review via Moving Authority will meet the three requirements for moving safety, on top of providing award-winning customer service. Remember, when it comes to safety don’t forget to make sure that the company you choose is licensed and insured, and has an active DOT license. If you think you might forget these items, just make sure you always work through Moving Authority’s simple and efficient website for all your moving needs.