Moving Small Loads

How To Determine What You Need

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  1. Each & Every Move Is Unique In Every Aspect 
  2. Why Are You Looking for Small Load Moving Companies?
  3. How Do Small Load Moves Work?
  4. Costs of Small Load Moving
  5. Get Accurate Estimates: Communicate Every Detail to the Movers
  6. Finding the Right Small Load Moving Company 

1. Each & Every Move Is Unique In Every Aspect 

Moving is one of the most stressful things that you will ever have to do. It takes a pretty significant toll on anyone involved. It is also a rather costly endeavor as the average cost of moving now is so high. Many people fail to realize that each and every move is different, and thus deserves to be regarded as such. Most people are afraid to move because of stories they heard or negative past experiences. Since each move is different, it is not smart to believe all that you hear. Moving to another country is much different than moving to the house next door.

If you are moving just a few things, then you cannot let previous larger moves scare you. Moving an entire home involves much more than just moving a few things. These moves are often called mini moves. They are small, but often involve the same process as larger moves such as residential moving companies. Moving Authority has some tips to ensure that your small load more goes well. Making good decisions when it comes to small load movers is the key to success.

2. Why Are You Looking for Small Load Moving Companies?

You might only need to move for a few days. If this is the case for you, then you obviously aren't going to take all of your belongings out of your home. Perhaps you are moving to a new college dorm for the new semester. Since there is only one room of items, this is considered a mini move. The use of small load moving companies is better than paying hefty prices for larger companies. Most moving companies have small moving packages. You will be given two men and a truck. This two men and truck prices will lower as a common configuration for people with loads that do not need a lot of space or effort to move.

3. How Do Small Load Moves Work?

If you are moving to another state, you will have to enlist the help of a long distance moving company. Even if you're moving small loads long distance, you will still need to get everything from one place to another. The most important thing you will need help with is furniture. Many people are not strong or skilled enough to move heavy objects around. You also probably don't have the appropriate tools or vehicle to move, say, a sofa. It is easier to find the right service if you let movers know what you are looking for when you speak to them on the phone.
Many companies charge shipments by weight. This is applicable when moving more than 50 miles away, or across any state lines. This is a government mandated policy. If you are moving a small shipment to another state, there are minimum charges that you will have to pay, even though you only have a few items. Again, companies cannot control this. If you want to avoid these fees, then you can find movers that are only for shorter-distance moves. These companies often include government fees in their price. While you are still paying moving company fees you will not have to see it as a separate charge that could surprise you on the final move bill.

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4. Cost of Small Load Moving

When you are doing a partial load move, you will likely only pay for the items that you are moving, no more. Hidden costs tend to be less in these kinds of moves. You may be wondering how these moves are so cheap. Well, many people are not happy with the answer to this question. In saving money on longer trips, moving carriers will group shipments together. This is a way to save money and time on their part. However, it also means savings on your part. When sharing the moving truck with another shipment, you will basically be splitting the moving charges.

5. Get Accurate Estimates: Communicate Every Detail to the Movers

There are still costs to be encountered on small moves like this, however. Try and get a solid estimate and calculate your cost of moving.  It will still be an additional fee if you want your shipment to be delivered in an expedited way. If you have to store some items, you can also expect to pay more for this. Just because the moving rate is cheap, doesn't mean you can get other things for free as well! The best way to avoid paying these fees is to ask about them. Be sure to find out what fees may apply to your move. This way, you can save money and avoid surprises.
If you want to keep costs low, there are a few things you can do:

  • Booking your move early will allow for greater flexibility. You can wait longer for the movers to find a truck for your goods, meaning you won't have to pay a fee if your items are on the truck alone.
  • Getting rid of unwanted things will keep costs down as well.
  • Packing all that you can by yourself is another good way to save on small load moves. You will avoid paying harsh prices for moving materials from the company. You can find free materials. You will also have time to create an inventory of all of your goods. This will be useful later on in the event that something is lost.
If you are moving items of value, you should probably choose a professional full-service mover. They are better suited to take care of your goods.
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6. Finding the Right Small Load Company

With the help of Moving Authority, you can rest assured that you will be able to find a trustworthy company. Small Loads movers are the same as all other companies. They must be licensed and insured. The best way to find a low price for any small load company is to compare. Call different small load companies and get estimates or quotes. You can use the Moving Authority's cost calculator to know how much you should be paying for your small move.

Choosing the Best Small Load Companies

In the end, research is the best way to choose a reputable small loads mover. Moving small loads do not have to be difficult, In fact, it should be easy. With the help of Moving Authority, it can be!