Moving a Queen Sized Bed

How to Move a Queen Sized Bed: 
The Beginner's Guide

  1. How to Move a Queen Sized Bed: The Right Way & The Safe Way
  2. There Are Multiple Ways to Move a Queen Mattress
  3. What's the Best Way to Move a Queen Mattress to a New State?
  4. Roughly How Much Does it Cost to Move a Queen Sized Bed?
  5. Avoid Making These Mistakes When Moving a Queen Bed
  6. Do's & Don'ts of Moving a Queen Bed
  7. The Proper Way to Disassemble & Move a Queen Sized Frame

1. How to Move a Queen Sized Bed: The Right Way & The Safe Way 

Moving a bed is a rather tricky thing to do during a move, not only because it is very heavy, but because it is an awkward thing to move. Mattresses of any size are big, bulky, and hard to handle. It can be very difficult to move these things around. Queen sized mattresses are hard to move because mattress springs are heavy. Also, box springs can be a pain to move as well and are easier to break.

Older box spring sets have to be cut in half in order to be moved, while newer ones already come in two parts so they are easier to move. When preparing to move a queen bed, you should first check the box spring to see if it is in two parts or not. Whether you are moving a bed local or long distance, you have come to the right place.

moving a queen size bed

2. There Are Multiple Ways to Move a Queen Mattress

There are a lot of different factors that could influence the way you move a queen sized bed. If the bed only consists of a mattress, box spring, and frame, then there won’t be any trouble moving it. You will need to rent a moving truck with an ample amount of space. You definitely don’t want to be stuck making more than one trip, especially if your bed has a headboard. If you plan to move the mattress yourself, then you need to make sure you have the right equipment. To protect the mattress and box spring, you should also wrap the furniture in protective wrapping.

If you are working with a full service moving company to move your home goods, then your bed will also be moved by them. If you are moving the bed by yourself, then you have to be sure that you are physically able to move the heavy items by yourself. Try to get some help from family and friends. You can rent a moving van and get all of the bed components moved at once. The easiest way to move your bed is to keep it standing up. It will be easier to handle this way, and you can just stand it up. If you are doing a long distance move, then it will definitely be in your best interest to rent a cargo trailer or moving truck.

If you want to move a queen sized bed by yourself, then you will need:

  • Cost of mattress bag ($12-$27)
  • You need moving straps to help move heavier parts of the bed (mattress, box spring)
  • A must for packing tape and ropes to keep the bed secured while in the truck.

3. What is the Best Way to Move a Queen Mattress to a New State?

If you are moving long distance, then you should consider hiring a professional to move your household goods. There are a lot of state to state moving regulations that the common person is not informed of, and violating one of these regulations can be a costly error.

A long distance company will use a mattress bag to protect your mattress when it is in transit. It will be put in an enclosed truck and strapped to prevent damage while in transit. Professional, full-service movers will have all the equipment needed for safely moving the mattress. Depending on the company, the mattress may also shrink wrap the mattresses. The company places furniture on moving pads and shrink wrap the mattress and the pads to make sure no damage incurs on the truck.

At this point, you may be considering how much it will cost to simply buy a new mattress. You should do pricing for moving a mattress set, or just buying a new one. It will cost you extra to cut the box spring in half if that is what is needed.

4. Roughly How Much Does it Cost to Move a Queen Sized Bed?

Moving a queen sized mattress will cost a varying amount based on the distance you are moving, as well as how you choose to move the mattress. If you go with a professional moving company, then you should expect to pay per hour for local moves. If you are doing a long distance move, then it will be based on weight as opposed to time. Most moving companies will charge about $100-$200 to move a queen mattress locally. You should get estimates from different companies before making a decision.

5. Avoid Making These Mistakes When Moving a Queen Bed:

Often times, people have to make tough choices when moving. Moving a queen bed to a new home, especially if it is international, you will really consider if it is worth it.

  • Size: You should measure the queen bed before you attempt to move it. Compare these measurements to the door frames in your new home to ensure that you can get it in there. You should also make sure that the bed is not too large for your new bedroom. If the measurements show problems when moving, then it will be easier to just leave your bed behind and buy a new one.
  • Distance: Moving your queen bed within the state is much different than moving it out of state. By different, we are talking about different costs. You should ensure that the price of the move is worth the bed. Of course, it may be tougher to get rid of your bed if it is sentimentally valuable, or if it is antique and worth a lot of money.
  • Trouble: If you are moving the mattress by yourself, then it is highly recommended that you don’t move it on the roof of your car like so many DIY seekers attempt. It is dangerous to other drivers and may result in the damage of your goods. If you have no reason to hold on to the bed and this is your only option for transporting it, then it is definitely safer to get a new bed.

6. Do's and Don'ts of Moving a Queen Bed

Moving large furniture is not the easiest thing to do, especially without preparation. There are some things you can do to simplify the process, but there are also things you can do that will set you back on your queen bed moving.

Queen Mattress

  • The first thing you will have to do is take all of the bedding off of the bed and place it in a box.
  • Put the mattress into a bag to ensure it does not get dirty or wet during the move.
  • Use rope or tape to secure the bag to the mattress.
  • Place the packed mattress onto the moving truck and secure it on the side walls.
  • If you are moving a short distance, the mattress can be transported on a pickup truck, so long as you ensure that the mattress is very well-fastened.

7. Queen Size Bed Frame

  • Try to disassemble the bed frame as per the manufacturer instructions
  • Secure any loose or hinged parts of the bed with tape to avoid breakage during transport.
  • If the bed is already taken apart, it should be easy to get out of the room and into the truck.
  • Cover all components with moving pads to protect them.
  • When re-assembling at the new location, get assistance for placing the mattress back on the frame. For safety purposes, we recommend wearing gloves to give you more of a grip on the heavy materials you are moving.

When transporting a queen bed, it is important that you do things safely. Moving Authority is happy to help with all of your moving needs!