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Find New Customers for Your Business Through Marketing

Moving company marketing is crucial to the success of any moving business. But great marketing cannot exist without having the right marketing strategy. And that’s where Moving Authority steps in. Our business professionals know how to help moving businesses with marketing. They can provide all sorts of unique marketing strategies for any company. From SEO to Facebook marketing to website branding. You can even call us with specific marketing questions. Otherwise, please browse this article to learn new marketing strategies. Traditional marketing efforts like direct mail do not work as well as they used to. But we’ve stuffed this page full of digital and internet marketing content. This way, your company can discover new marketing methods to grow and boost revenue.

Why Is Internet Marketing for Movers a Great Marketing Strategy?

Many moving companies focus on referrals. They help keep any moving business up and running. But isn’t it time that you grow your company? If so, referrals and postcards aren’t enough. You can achieve more business growth through digital and internet marketing. Advertising your moving company online will give you many advantages. You’ll have an outlet for bringing new customer after customer to your business. This is crucial if your company wants more revenue.

How Does a Moving Company Get More Leads?

There are many tools and resources to bring more leads to a moving company. The first step is to get your branding in line. This refers to making your company stand out from other moving companies. You can always send out mailers. That’s a classic strategy for getting the attention of new leads. But have you tried PPC (pay per click) advertising? Pay-per-click advertising is a surefire way to find leads online. Your company can use PPC on almost any popular website. Each moving company will pay a small fee when a  potential customer clicks on an ad.

Using SEO is another great strategy for any company to find new leads. SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” You can use SEO services to make your company website rank higher. The better the SEO of your company, the more leads will come to your website. There’s also local SEO. It’s a type of SEO that targets local leads in your area. Through local SEO, you can get clicks on your website from nearby customers. You can even place online ads using Google Local Service Ads. Speaking of ads, are you using the sides of your moving trucks to make ads? If not, it’s time to use your moving trucks to your advantage. Email marketing is another great strategy for any company. You can use email marketing for more than marketing to previous customers. A company can also do email marketing to find referral contacts. Does your company have questions about any of these moving marketing strategies? If so, please contact Moving Authority right now.

Internet Marketing Tips & Strategies for Moving Companies

Listed below are a series of internet marketing tips and strategies. Your moving company should consider each one. Why? So that your staff can understand the value of internet marketing. It’s helped countless movers and companies make more money. Moving Authority applies these specific strategies to company after company every day. We’ve helped so many moving businesses succeed through marketing. And we’re ready to assist your own moving company at any moment.

Marketing Tip #1: Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Finding Your Company Website

SEO refers to “search engine optimization.” The basis of SEO is all about improving the website of a moving company. Why? So that it can rank higher on SERPs. What does SERP stand for? SERP stands for “search engine results pages.” Through improved SEO, your company website can rank on search engines like Google. The first step is for your moving company to conduct SEO research. It has to figure out keywords that potential customers search for. This refers to a customer using a search engine to look for moving services. You can then insert the keywords into places on your company website. This way, Google will index your content and help your moving business rank high.

The key is for your company to create moving content that will get noticed. You've got to make your moving services and products stand out. This way, the website of your company can gain traction across search results. Consider creating a Google My Business profile for your company. It will provide each potential customer with basic information like location and hours. Then, say that people in your area search for a moving company. Your business will appear as one of the top Google search results. SEO, SEM, and SERP will all help your company boost its brand awareness online. Expect to increase company revenue once more people find your moving website online.

Marketing Tip #2: Use PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising for Your Moving Company

PPC refers to “pay per click advertising.” It positions a moving business to select phrases and keywords. A company then inserts them into online advertisements. This way, search engine results can display the ad of your moving business. You can do custom PPC advertising to reach an exact moving related audience. Here’s the best part of PPC for your moving company. Your company will only pay when someone clicks on the PPC ad. This type of online advertising can draw traffic to your moving website. 

PPC advertising and SEO are two different concepts. An SEO campaign often takes weeks for a company to experience results. That’s not the case with PPC. The average PPC ad works for a moving business on an immediate basis. This makes PPC advertising a great option for boosting moving company website traffic. Please contact Moving Authority if you’d like to learn more about making a PPC ad.

Marketing Tip #3: Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Company & Show Off Moving Services

Content marketing is one of the most important marketing concepts. People and search engines alike need to have quality content. All your company has to do is make great moving content. Then, your moving business can market the content online. “Content” refers to a wide variety of moving-related services. From blog posts to videos to infographics. Say that your moving company staff creates and publishes new content. (And the content relates to your moving services and products.) This can make your moving business online pages rank higher across search results. Of course, you've got to use keywords and phrases related to moving. 

Here’s another example of content marketing for a moving business. Say your company creates consistent blog posts about moving. A potential customer might like a blog and decide to book your moving services. These days, marketing any company is all about the content that a business posts.

Marketing Tip #4: Have Your Company Focus on Social Media With Content About Moving

Social media has become a powerful marketing outlet for companies. And moving companies are no exception. Movers can use social media to reach all sorts of potential moving customers. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all marketing tools. Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest are also great tools for digital marketing. You can use these social media platforms to provide updates about your company. But that’s not all. You can post all sorts of online content about your business and moving services. This is a great strategy for boosting engagement with your brand and company. Social media can help your business expand its reach online.

Say that potential customers interact with your company using social media. The interaction will appear in feeds of family members and friends. This can expand the reach of your company to a new audience. Plus, people use social media to review companies. (That’s one reason your company should do high-quality work.) Through online reviews, people will see that you're a trusted mover. Remember that social media marketing is about more than making posts. It’s about interacting and connecting with potential customers. Your moving company has to build rapport and trust with your audience. This way, people will want to book a move with your company. The key is to create and post unique moving content. All social content should make your company stand out from other companies. 

Marketing Tip #5: Market Your Moving Services on Your Website to a Mobile Audience 

These days, almost all adults own a smartphone. That’s why digital and internet marketing is so important. In fact, over half of all internet searches take place on a smartphone. Rest assured, this applies to people searching for moving companies. No one is looking through a phonebook for moving services any longer. That’s why it’s crucial to make your website mobile-ready. Say that your company website can't function on a phone. If that's the case, then you might as well not have a website for moving. It’s time to optimize your website for all mobile visitors with unique moving needs. In fact, everything involving marketing should take place with mobile services in mind. 

One key area to focus on is the speed of your moving website. The load time cannot last more than a second or two. Otherwise, people will abandon your page and find a different company for moving. Please contact Moving Authority if you need help with optimization. We partner with third-party internet marketing companies. These companies have helped moving company after company with mobile. Plus, the internet marketing companies can help you rank higher on websites. Doing so will boost the conversion rate of your business online.

Marketing Tip #6: Use Analytics Through Google & Other Platforms

Analytics have become crucial for the success of marketing moving companies. It involves making use of all information your company already has. This includes email lists, locations of customers, and much more. Sure, it’s a challenge to leverage data and convert it into successful marketing. But analytics are a shortcut for any company to boost its marketing abilities. Please contact Moving Authority if you’d like to learn how to use data. Our moving marketing team can help you leverage data tools and analyze data. Remember- large moving companies are already using analytics. It’s time for your company to prevent itself from getting left behind. A great place to start is Google Analytics. It will help your company analyze current web traffic. Then, you can use new marketing strategies to boost web traffic. 

Marketing Tip #7: Buy Moving Leads From Moving Authority

Moving Authority sells the best, high-quality moving leads in the US. All you've got to do is provide us with your zip code or location. We can then supply your company with local moving leads. Using quality leads will make you worry less about the competition with other movers. That’s because you can reach a lead before other companies do. Once you have your leads, focus on making calls to win business. The more you delay calling leads, the less money your company can make. You've got to craft your sales pitch around your moving services. Think of which moving services can attract leads to your company. Please call Moving Authority right now for more information about buying leads.

Marketing Tip #8: Have Your Company Do Facebook Advertising

Marketing on Facebook is a powerful tool for moving company after company. Why? Because Facebook features so much information about potential moving customers. You can use the Facebook algorithm to target the potential moving clients that you want. Facebook can even factor whether a user is going to move in the future. Through Facebook, a moving company can discover a new target audience. Your company can also run marketing ads on Facebook. Each ad can direct users to your moving website. Making paid ads on Facebook is an important marketing strategy. If you struggle with it, please let Moving Authority know. We can direct you to a social media online marketing consultant.

Contact Moving Authority Today for Help Marketing Your Business

The Moving Authority team’s standing by to help your company succeed with marketing. All you've got to do is give us a call and ask us any marketing-related questions. Or, you're welcome to message us on this site or send us an email. We can help your company discover new digital marketing strategies. This way, your company can boost its revenue and number of customers. We look forward to helping your moving business succeed with online marketing.

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