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  • National Movers Associations | Membership
  • Free Arbitration Program with membership
  • Join the top Moving and Storage Association in US
  • Request for Arbitration with USA mover association membership
  • Our US Moving Association helps movers across the nation
How to become a member of a movers association

How to become a member of a movers association

Sign Up Now To Join the Best National Moving Association in the US


Sign up now to join Moving Authority’s National Moving Association. It’s recognized as the #1 moving association in the country. As a Moving Authority member, you will have access to all sorts of crucial benefits. These include DOT and FMCSA compliance resources. Using them will help give your business the authority it needs for years to come.


When you join, you can also get a free arbitration program needed for FMCSA compliance. Our experts will explain to you what that is and why it matters. Having access to an arbitration program is important. It can protect your company from losing money and assets.

Movers association membership requirements

Movers association membership requirements

Our National Moving Association Can Help Your Business Succeed


Why should you depend on Moving Authority’s National Moving team? Because we have all the knowledge you need for long-term success. We guide businesses to maintain 100 percent DOT and FMCSA compliance. A National Moving Association membership leads to new information that companies depend on. Through the information, moving organizations gain inside strategies. This way, they can take their operations to new heights. 


Our team has decades of experience helping movers across the US. That's why we provide a leading forum for continuous communication. That forum oversees the moving and storage industry’s state and affiliated associations. It provides an unprecedented opportunity to discuss all moving-related matters. Our team also supplies the forum to help moving companies discover new opportunities. No matter your location, a Moving Authority membership can help your business succeed.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430


The National Moving Associations Features an Arbitration Program for Movers


We are a national association committed to helping moving businesses improve their operations. Part of that help involves guiding every moving company through the arbitration process. That’s why our services can provide access to a complimentary arbitration program. If you only want to pay for arbitration itself, that’s no problem at all. It starts with membership and $200 as a standalone service. That’s right- our straight-up arbitration fee of $185.99 is one of the lowest in the US. 


Despite the low price of our arbitration program, it provides all sorts of key benefits. Here’s one of the most important. Businesses can protect themselves from expensive customer lawsuits. We’ll ensure that you receive an arbitration program in which the applicant will participate. This way, you can resolve any type of ADR dispute fast. Remember- the faster a dispute goes away, the more time and money your team will have.

Professional development through movers association membership

Professional development through movers association membership

More About Why Movers Need an Arbitration Program


Every interstate moving company must use a neutral arbitration program. A program gets set-up through a 3rd party arbitral service provider. (Such as the Moving Authority arbitration program.) The program cannot display favoritism toward any customers or moving companies. Arbitration is the #1 cost-effective method for resolving customer disputes. The goal that each moving company has is to secure a final resolution. 


Many moving companies attempt to settle disputes through negotiations. Oftentimes, the negotiations fail. Next thing you know, a company could have to pay a customer tons of cash. That’s why the Moving Authority arbitration program is so important. It features guidance steps that can lead to fast results. Moving organizations of all shapes and sizes benefit through our program.


Do Moving Companies Have To Use an Arbitration Program?


Having access to an arbitration program is mandatory for all moving companies. This is according to official US law. It’s a federal government policy to protect every shipment of household goods. So, each interstate moving business must use a working arbitration program. There are no exceptions. This way, every shipper has a legal resource without having to take part in litigation. Moving companies can never force a customer to undergo arbitration. But they can place arbitration clauses into moving contracts. Arbitration affects moving claims related to property loss and/or damage. It also can resolve disputes involving disagreements about charges for any service. Some local State PUC require as well such as NY Hut Tariff and CA Number DOT MTR and Texas Dot.


Each US moving company has to give customers a written notice related to arbitration. This means that every customer receives a summary of an arbitration program. In this case, your notice would reference Moving Authority’s arbitration program. Customers must agree to arbitration clauses before an order for service gets issued. Do you want to learn more about how an arbitration program works? If so, feel free to call our organization at any time.

DOT Moving Authority phone(702) 333-2430



Movers association membership application process

Why a Mover’s Arbitration Program Matters


Failing to use an arbitration program can have severe consequences for moving companies. Without arbitration, your business has no protection when a customer decides to litigate. That can lead to countless hours in a courtroom. As you know, attorney fees are not cheap. But through arbitration, you won’t have to risk going to court. Instead, arbitration cases are informal and often get resolved very fast. 


All it takes is a simple google search for “arbitration program near me.” You can then view a list of programs nearby. Or, you can search for “arbitration program DOT.” Once you have a list, please send it over to the Moving Authority experts. We ensure that our program provides more benefits than every program you consider. That’s how confident we are that your business will thrive under our arbitration program which is related to the USDOT and MC number.


Why Should You Join Moving Authority’s National Moving Association Today?


When you join Moving Authority, you're joining an association that cares about you. Our membership team's committed to keeping your business compliant. That compliance applies to all DOT and FMCSA rules and regulations. But complete compliance isn’t the only benefit. You can also have access to a top-tier arbitration program. We’ll assign an arbitration program name once your membership becomes active.


I got all the information I needed to become a movers association member. This site is a valuable resource.

I am pleased to share my positive experience with the Movers Association Membership offered by Moving Authority. If you're a moving company looking to enhance your business and gain valuable resources, this membership is a game-changer. Thanks

I had a great experience working with Moving Authority. They helped me file a new FMCSA MCS-150 form, which can be a complicated and time-consuming process. I appreciated how easy they made it for me by taking care of all the paperwork. Their team was very professional and provided excellent customer service throughout the process. I highly recommend Moving Authority to anyone in the trucking industry looking for help with permits, registrations, and other paperwork. Thank you, Moving Authority!

To ensure a smooth and just process for any future moves, I invested in a Moving Authority Membership. With this membership comes access to their trusted arbitration program as well as additional resources from the Movers Association that can help make every move successful!

I was searching online for the best national movers association to join. The Movers Association Membership of Moving Authority came up many times. I called them to verify and found that they had a presence in every state. I finally joined. As a bonus, I earned my membership in the Arbitration Program. That is wonderful.

It made it very easy for me to acquire my movers association membership. I immediately received access to many valuable resources and the cost was almost covered by the arbitration program included.

A Movers Association Membership, plus an Arbitration Program for such a low price. Great catch.

Since I needed an arbitration program, I took advantage of it and purchased a Movers Association Membership. Moving Authority has an excellent arbitration program, I have hired them before, and now I can access other resources with the membership.

Movers Association Membership turned out to be a perfect fit for our business. We obtained our arbitration program, and for a small additional fee, we are now partners with Moving Authority's team of experts. I now feel more confident to continue with my business projects.

How cool! I found a way to keep my company up to date with the moving world. What I love about it is that I have ongoing advice and can make better decisions.

I'm so lucky I found this service. I was really looking for a good arbitration program. Instead, I found a great arbitration program, plus a Movers Asociation Membership for almost the same price. As soon as I called, the Moving Authority team explained all the advantages of being part of it. And of course, I registered in. The most I like is I got my arbitration program and a bunch of other benefits.

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Why join a movers association ?

Do You Want To Learn More About Our National Moving Association? Contact Us Now


The Moving Authority team is standing by to answer all your questions about your motor carrier authority. We would love to tell you more about both our moving association and arbitration program. Countless companies depend on our arbitration program for household goods. And we’re ready to showcase how the moving arbitration program can protect your business. No other national moving and storage association has the resources that we have. 


We get consistent consideration as a go-to house movers association. Our programs even have better rankings than any other American movers association. The Moving Authority experts guide hundreds of US household movers every day. Through our National Moving Association, we’re ready to guide you. No other national movers association can compare. We're standing by to supply you with the compliance and business resources that you need.

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