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  1. Are You In Need of Storage Services?
  2. Placing Items in Long Term Storage When Moving
  3. Rates for Long Term Storage
  4. Why Might I Need Long Term Storage Facilities
  5. Short Term Storage

1. Are You In Need of Storage Services?

The moving industry is often synonymous with the storage industry. Since so many people who move discover that they have so much stuff that they just cannot take with them, it only makes sense to get a storage unit. People who are moving often require storage when they just don’t have enough space in their new home to store everything. When movers place your items in storage, they typically do not have units like what you are used to seeing in public. Instead, they have warehouses that contain vaults. They take the truck, loaded with your goods, back to their warehouse, and fill up vaults with it. Depending on what you choose, they may charge you for storage service. Many companies offer storage services as a monthly charge, while others may place items in storage temporarily during transport. Whatever the case may be, storages are a major part of the moving industry. Storage units within warehouses are often pretty well-regulated, which eliminates the fear of your goods going somewhere unsafe or unclean.

2. Placing Items in Lasting Storage When Moving

You can choose to place your items in long term storage. With this type of storage, your goods will be placed into a labeled vault that has your information on it. Then, the vault is placed in an area of the mover’s warehouse that is designated for long term storage. Moving companies do this to prevent confusion and loss of property within their storage facilities. Since the storage units are on the premises of the moving company, there are not a lot of chances for things to go wrong. Keeping your goods in on-site vaults means that you can have the company access them whenever you need to. If you want to save money on storage, then you can ask the company about any applicable discounts if you move with them and use storage. Another perk to using long term storage options with the company is that the warehouse is likely being monitored by security staff or equipment.

3. Rates for Lasting Storage

You are more likely to use long-term storage if you are moving a long distance and need to lighten your load. You may also place items in storage if you do not have enough space in your new home for everything you wish to move. Depending on how many items you have, storage rates will differ. Let’s say you have nine medium boxes and a bicycle that needs storing. Since these items are collectively not very large, you don’t have to worry about paying a high monthly rate for storage. Again, it depends on the company you choose, but this is generally the case. Rates for long term storage can be higher if you want to store something larger, such as a piano. Since this item needs special attention, the company will charge more to store it.

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4. Why Might I Need Long Time Storage Facilities

People often times need storage when moving. However, there are other times when storage is necessary for people who do not have room to accommodate all of their possessions. Storage is a wise solution for getting items out of the way that you do not necessarily want to get rid of. Movers may also utilize storage if all goods cannot be moved with a single trip. This offers a great transition into the topic of short-term storage.

5. Short Term Storage

The use of short term storage may be necessary for a myriad of reasons. There are a lot of things that may necessitate the use of storage for a short period of time. For example, if someone is remodeling their home, then they may have to take a good amount of their furniture out. Since they are not moving to a new home, though, there won’t be anywhere to put the things they take out. Many storages offer short storage term options. In some circumstances, though, people decide to move into a home that is in need of remodeling. Of course, they can’t move all of their stuff into the house. This is where moving and storage combinations come in handy.

Another use for short term storage options may be during summer when college students have to move everything out of their rooms. Since it is not convenient for students to move all of their stuff back home, some have taken a different approach. Students have begun placing their items in storages near campus, so it is ready for them when they return the next semester.

Whether you are choosing a short term or long term storage option, it is no doubt that storage can be a true lifesaver when it is needed for whatever life may throw your way. It has become a popular subsector of the moving industry because it offers a convenient solution during a time where nothing seems convenient.