How Do I File a Biennial Update

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Understand How to File a Biennial Update

USDOT Biennial Updates matter so much to carriers across the US. That’s because the updates are a requirement by law. The FMCSA states that carriers have to update USDOT information every two years. Otherwise, businesses can receive fines and/or lose Operating Authority. Are you ready to learn how to file USDOT Biennial Updates? Let’s get started.

Background Information on Biennial Updates

“How do I file a Biennial Update?” is a common question we receive from carriers across the country. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) is very clear about Biennial Updates. It requires every carrier to update information on a two-year basis. Even if your information hasn't changed, you still have to file a Biennial Update. You must also file the update even if your company has stopped interstate operations. In fact, the FMCSA needs a Biennial Update even if a company’s no longer in business.

Failing to file a Biennial Update carries strict penalties. It’s guaranteed that your USDOT number will get deactivated. You could also face civil penalties that cost up to $1,000 each day. But the grand total of the fines cannot exceed $10,000.

How to File a Biennial Update

Filing a Biennial Update does not cost any money. The FMCSA ensures that information updates are free. Most carriers choose to update their information on the official FMCSA website. The website features specific instructions on how to complete a Biennial Update. It also features Biennial Update deadlines. Carriers that do not want to update online can update their information via US Mail. The FMCSA is the sole resource to download Biennial registration forms. Carriers can also request to have the forms printed and faxed. To do so, you’ll need to call FMCSA Support Services.

What Is a USDOT Biennial Update?

Carriers must update their USDOT information every two years. That’s where the word “biennial” comes into play. The official form of a Biennial Update gets referred to as the MCS-150 form. That form provides the US government with your current fleet information. It also provides current company information. The government needs information to ensure that data is current and without errors.

Is My Biennial Update Due?

Has it been almost two years since your last Biennial Update? If so, you should consider determining the exact date that you need to file the update. Here is the most important factor to keep in mind. The month that the update is due depends on the final digit of the USDOT number. The official FMCSA website features a chart of which digit relates to which month. Check out the chart soon to ensure that you don't miss your Biennial Update deadline.

How Do I Update My Biennial?

Here is the best way to file a Biennial Update. Go to the official FMCSA website. Or, you can go to this specific link: Next, sign in using the PIN that FMCSA gave you. The PIN got sent to you via the standard FMCSA warning notice. You’ll then get prompted to complete the Biennial Update process. It’s up to you whether you want to file the update online, by mail, or by fax. You can even send the FMCSA your Biennial Update through email.

How Do I Update My Biennial MCS 150?

Keep in mind that the official Biennial Update form gets referred to as the MCS 150. You have four options for updating your MCS 150 form.

1. Online using the FMCSA website.
2. Using email.
3. By mail.
4. By fax.

You can only update biennial registration online if your USDOT number is active. If you use email, you can upload the signed MCS 150 form. The FMCSA will then send a tracking number to your email address.

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