Household Goods Arbitration Program

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Is your business in need of a quality household goods arbitration program? If so, our organization is standing by to set one up for you right away. US federal laws and FMCSA rules are clear. Any HHG (household goods) movers facilitating interstate moves must have a program. This way, customers that are moving can have fair access to arbitration. Arbitration programs focus on resolving all common moving-related disputes. From disputed charges to disagreements about loss and damage claims. 

Moving Authority has a top-rated arbitration program already in place. Our program adheres to all FMCSA regulations affecting interstate HHG movers. The point of our arbitration services is to protect you and your business. Through arbitration, you can resolve legal disputes outside of court. This can save your moving company the two most valuable resources: time and money. If you have questions about the program or arbitration itself, do not hesitate to contact us. Our HHG experts are standing by to help you set up a program that fits your needs.

What Is the Purpose of Arbitral Programs?

Arbitration is a top-rated form of legal dispute resolution. It is always private and most terms of a dispute stay off public records. Through arbitration, an independent third party will oversee the HHG dispute. This third party refers to the arbitrator or a panel/tribunal of arbitrators. In most cases, a panel of three arbitrators will help you resolve your dispute. Disputing parties will present evidence and the arbitrators will make unbiased rulings. Almost all arbitration decisions are final and binding. Arbitration is the ideal alternative to court proceedings. Why? Because in almost all situations, it is faster and cheaper.

Who Has To Have Arbitral Programs in Place?

All household goods movers engaging in interstate moves must use arbitration programs. This is so companies can offer programs to customers that are moving. The purpose of an arbitration program is to resolve common moving disputes. These include loss and damage claims and charges that mover bills to a customer. Disputes related to charges collected at delivery are another common subject in arbitration.

9 Benefits of Our HHG Arbitral Program

The Moving Authority Arbitration Program features the following nine benefits. Each benefit is crucial to the success of a program. These arbitration program benefits are not random. Instead, they refer to official US laws, regulations, and FMCSA policies. If you have any questions about this information, please contact us today.

Benefit #1: Prevention of Legal Advantages

Our Arbitration Program can prevent legal advantages from taking place. After all, any program must operate in a neutral manner. This way, the customer or HHG mover does not have an advantage. Here is an example. Say that a customer involved in a dispute lives far away from a mover’s place of business. The HHG mover cannot have an advantage because the customer is in another state.

Benefit #2: Open Communication

A key action should take place before tendering a shipper’s goods for transport. The HHG mover has to let the shipper know that neutral arbitration is available. When this happens, the HHG mover must include a summary of the arbitration procedure. But that’s not all. The household goods mover also has to inform the customer of any applicable costs. Plus, the HHG mover also must disclose the legal effects of deciding to use arbitration.

Benefit #3: Transparent Information

Say that a customer/individual shipper requests arbitration. The household goods mover must provide basic information about the arbitral program. Each HHG mover has to also provide forms that can begin the arbitral process. This way, the customer knows how to begin resolving a dispute through arbitration.

Benefit #4: Neutral & Authorized Arbitrators

Each arbitrator has to operate in a neutral, independent manner for both parties. Otherwise, a household goods dispute cannot get resolved in a fair and prompt manner. Household goods movers have to make sure each arbitrator has the right authorization. Plus, HHG movers have to ensure arbitrators have the ability to receive information. These key actions can lead to a fair decision for customers and moving companies.

Benefit #5: HHG Customers Can Pay Half of the Arbitrator’s Costs

The exact payment terms for arbitration vary based on each unique moving dispute. An arbitrator can figure out the payment percentage for every party. The customer (individual shipper) can pay up to half of an arbitrator’s cost.

Benefit #6: Arbitrations Never Begin Until a Dispute Takes Place

HHG movers can never enforce a customer to agree to use arbitration before a dispute. This way, arbitration only happens once a legal dispute already exists.

Benefit #7: Separate Arbitral Policies for Moving Claims of $10,000 or Less

Say that an individual shipper (customer) requests that arbitration take place. The household goods mover becomes bound to claims under $10,000. Moving claims above this amount have separate policies.

Benefit #8: Unique Terms for Moving Claims of $10,000 or More

Now, say that a moving company receives a claim for more than $10,000. Does this mean that the household goods mover becomes bound by arbitration? Only if the customer demands arbitration and the HHG mover agrees to it. This way, HHG movers can have some control over whether arbitration takes place.

Benefit #9: Moving Disputes Must Get Resolved Within 60 Days

Each arbitrator has to provide a decision within sixty day. So, when does this crucial time frame begin? It starts the day an arbitrator receives a receipt of written notification of a dispute. Then, the arbitrator’s decision can include remedies to resolve the moving dispute. In some cases, the sixty day window can get extended. That only happens if a customer or HHG mover doesn’t provide information on time.

Our Programs Resolve Disputed Charges & Loss/Damage Claims

The Moving Authority Arbitration Program has a first-rate reputation across the US. Our program can ensure members adhere to all federal and FMCSA requirements. These refer to having to set up a formal arbitration under the law. A program must become available to resolve any customer’s disputes. These disputes relate to loss/damage claims and specific types of disputes charges. Customers can decide to use arbitration to get a claim resolved. This often happens when a mover denies a claim. Or, when a customer receives a settlement offer that she or she does not like. If your company needs access to a high-quality program, look no further than our’s. The Moving Authority arbitration experts are ready to set up a program for you today.

The Moving Complaint Submission Process

Let’s say a customer has a complaint against a mover. The complaint might concern a shipment getting delayed. Or, the customer isn’t satisfied with the quality of service during a move. These are examples of complaints that do not fall under guidelines for arbitration. This means that the customer must first file a general claim with the mover. Then, it’s up to the mover to deny the claim or provide the customer with a settlement offer. Now, say that the customer isn’t satisfied with the settlement offer. He or she can then file a complaint through the Moving Authority Arbitration Program.

Keep Your HHG Moving Company in FMCSA Compliance & Enroll Today

United States and FMCSA federal regulations are clear. Household goods interstate movers have to provide customers with access to arbitration. Without enrollment in a program, your company could face severe fines and penalties. That’s why you cannot put off enlisting in an arbitral program. We encourage you to join the Moving Authority Arbitration Program today. It provides full-scale services that protect both moving companies and moving customers. 

As a result of the program, your company can do more than only follow the law. You can also reap the benefits that come with taking part in arbitration. In fact, arbitration has many clear advantages over litigation. It is almost always a faster and cheaper process. Because of this, you won’t have to panic if a customer files a claim. Instead, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Moving Authority has your back.

Questions About Our HHG Arbitral Services? Contact Us Now

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Arbitration Program. The Moving Authority team is standing by to provide more information for you. You are welcome to give us a call at any time. If we can’t answer, one of our dedicated staff will return your call ASAP. Also, you can reach us by email or even message us on our website. 

We cannot wait to show you more benefits of our Arbitration Program. Without question, it can protect your company whenever a customer files a claim. The Moving Authority team looks forward to helping you enroll in our program today.