Cheapest Way to Move

Cheapest Way to Move

Relocating to a new home – away from family and in a new city can be an exciting, but an intimidating process at the same time. In addition to the arduous process of moving, it can get quite expensive unless you plan ahead and possibly save up some money months before the move. If you didn’t have time to do that, then you may have to adapt some of the tips below for the cheapest way to move.

Choose the Right Method

The most common way to spend too much money on moving is not choosing the right method. It is best to hire a moving company by providing your information to Moving Authority in order to get a free moving quote. You could rent your own moving truck, but it wouldn’t be the cheapest way to move. You would have to fill up on gas and that kind of move can be labor-intensive for you. You would have to do a lot of heavy lifting, pack before the move and unpack after the move. In addition, if you had to move out of state, the long trek across state lines may be too much to handle.

Professional Movers

If you do decide to use a moving company quote that you've received from Moving Authority, you want to save the headache and all you would have to is to show up at the final destination after you have witnessed all your stuff packed in their professional moving truck. If you have too much stuff for one move, we suggest that you utilize a local storage facility until you get situated. After you have chosen your mover, we hope you the time to return to our site and rate your experience  through our easy write a review page. Every review that is posted under a 3 star will be emailed to the carrier if they are part of our validated movers.

Comparison Shopping

Of course, for the cheapest way to move, it is best to do comparison shopping of three different companies. You will get a better idea of what services you want. Checking on on a companies ratings can assist you on who you'll be doing business with.

Off-Peak Season

For another of the cheapest way to move – do so in off-peak season.

When children are out of school, possibly during the summertime. This is normally the busiest time of the year for moving companies and normally most companies will chare premium rates. We advise you not to go for the lowest price within this peak period. Since the industry is working at 100%, you should normally go for a mid range or higher price to ensure the correct time delivery and quality of service.

 Or you could move at the end of the season which is considered off-peak which is between October and March. Don’t move on the last Saturday in June or first Saturday in August. Plan your move for the fall or winter season or one day during the week. It makes a difference. Why? Most moving companies are not so busily scheduled during those times and could give you discounts.

Moving Materials

Purchasing moving materials can actually save you money. This is because if you stack a vehicle and all of the boxes can stack on each other, this will save space while saving you money.

We don't  advise you to check grocery stores, gas stations or Home Depot for empty boxes. This is because having holes and awkward sized boxes doesn't always allow the movers to stack your shipment high and sturdy in the truck.

Make sure that the boxes are sturdy. Use fabric or packing paper to pack your belongings. It saves you money and provides cushioning for your valuables. If someone tells you that newspaper good, do take in consideration that the print could print off on your china and it would take you  a long time to try and remove the stains from your glassware.

Tax Deductions

If you are relocating because of a job, you may be able to deduct those expenses and claim them when you are filing your taxes. As long as you are moving fifty miles or more from your old location, you will be able to make those claims.


For the cheapest way to move, you have to look at different variables. Make sure you move during good weather. If you do get caught in a bad weather situation and the moving company doesn't have the ability to deliver you, this can be considered an act of God. If this does happen and the carrier decides not to deliver you because of bad weather, it will not be the carrier's fault and you would have to be patient and stay in good communication with your carrier after the storm or disaster has passed. You don’t want to have to stop at a hotel for the night to incur further cost. Be wise when moving, but let Moving Authority help you to get it done right the first time. Call us or fill out a free moving quote today!