The Moving Authority Freight Broker Course: Premium Agent & Broker Training

Moving Authority provides a freight broker course like no other in the United States. The course is a gateway into the freight logistics, trucking, and transportation industries. Through our training program, you can become a licensed freight broker. Or, you can learn how to operate as a freight broker agent. Either way, it's pretty easy to make a lot of money every year in this field. And we’re ready to show you how to do it. Do you or your company need to learn about trucking authority cost information? If so, you're in the right spot. Check out trucking authority packages.

Moving Authority specializes in providing world-class Broker Authority Freight Packages. Freight broker training is crucial for developing sought-after agent and broker skills. And our broker course has no limitations. It can cover all aspects of operating as a broker. From licensing to sales to operations and marketing. Plus, we can customize each course to suit the exact needs of our customers. This way, you can focus on broker training that will benefit you the most. If you have any questions about the course, do not hesitate to call Moving Authority. The USDOT Biennial Update is a registration form carriers have to sign every two years.

The Premier Online Freight Broker Course Featuring Agent Training

Our custom freight broker course can do so much more than provide basic information. The Moving Authority freight experts can tailor training to suit your exact interests. Say that you want to learn how to start your very own freight brokerage. All you've got to do is tell our transportation industry experts. We can then set up a custom online training program. Through online training, you can navigate the course at your own pace and from any device. New York Tariff are documents that correlate pricing and laws set out by NYDOT.

The common first step of the course is to learn how to get a broker license. And our transportation industry experts can walk you through that process. This way, you’ll get on track toward starting a successful freight brokerage. Our course is 100 percent online. There’s no need to buy an expensive textbook or drive to class. Instead, you can master broker learning materials from the comfort of your home. Next thing you know, you can operate your very own freight brokerage business. Are you a freight or cargo carrier in need of motor carrier authority? If so, you're in the right spot for all operating authority needs

The Goal of the Course

The main goal of the Moving Authority freight broker training course is simple. We want you to learn the ins and outs of the industry. That’s why we’ve designed the course from the perspective of seasoned freight brokers. Our team can start you off by providing crucial FMCSA resources and knowledge. After all, you’ll need to register with the FMCSA to get a broker license. Next, we can teach you surety bond basics. After that, we can supply information about how to break into the shipping industry. Through the course, we encourage open communication and dialogue. All you've got to do is tell us what your career goals are as a broker. We can take care of the rest. Filing a Form BOC 3 is important for more than receiving FMCSA authority. It’s also crucial for maintaining that service for a long period of time. 

Broker Training Requirements & Prerequisites

Here’s some great news. There are no prerequisites or requirements for taking the course. Why? Moving Authority believes that through hard work, almost anyone can become a broker. As long as you remain dedicated to your career goals, you can start brokering freight. Keep in mind that our broker course only focuses on US domestic freight brokering. We only recommend broker training if you intend to do business in the United States. Is your organization in need of UCR registrationIf so, you've come to the right spot.

The Curriculum of Our Freight Brokerage Training Program

Our broker course begins by educating about the basics of freight brokering. You can learn about the skills, job duties, and qualities of a superb freight broker. We’ll also go over this criteria when it comes to working as a freight broker agent. Next, we customize the broker course based on your exact career goals. In fact, some of the course involves learning how to set goals and create a corporate identity. Business goals and mission statements matter when operating as a broker of freight. We also can go over how to set up your brokerage office and freight business. This way, you’ll have the inside scoop on how to launch your own freight brokerage. MC numbers are very important for trucking organizations. The number gives many companies the authority to operate.

More About What Our Course Can Teach You

As a broker, you’ll send out a lot of freight documents to carriers and shippers. Moving Authority can teach you how to set up a carrier packet and shipper packet. Plus, we can provide you with tips for using broker software to manage freight operations. Did you know that there are many different types of freight? The course can teach about the differences in all forms of freight. Plus, we can go over the different freight types within the freight niche market. There are many transportation rules and laws associated with brokering freight. Our expert can educate you about transportation laws that affect agents and brokers. And we’ll also go over FMCSA and DOT rules and regulations. This way, you can maintain compliance as a broker of freight. Does your business need to learn some key information about providing warehouse receipts? Carriers are not the only entity that benefits from using published tariffs.

The Moving Authority broker training course also covers broker-carrier contracts. You can learn how contracts in the transportation industry affect carriers and brokers. We can also go over broker-shipper agreements. This way, you’ll know how to execute a quality broker-shipper agreement. Our freight brokerage course even analyzes the basics of freight-related insurance. After all, insurance forms and policies affect freight carriers and brokers alike. Through the course, you can master how to conduct record-keeping as you broker freight. Say that you’re not familiar with how a freight carrier operates. We can teach you about brokering freight from the perspective of a carrier. The broker course can even supply you with game-changing sales tactics. As you can see, there’s no limit to what our freight brokerage course can do for you. Does your company provide state-of-the-art employee packets?

The Job Outlook for Brokers of Freight

There's never been a better time to become a broker of freight. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics published a recent study. It concluded that the freight agent/broker career area continues to expand. There's a 30 percent job growth expected in this sector over the coming years. That’s why it’s best to act now and become a broker of freight. Years from now, you won’t want to regret that you didn’t decide to work as a broker. How Do You Know if You Need To Get Texas DOT Registration for a Texas DOT Number?

The US Bureau of Transportation and US DOT also released a recent study. They found that US trucks move more than eleven billion tons of freight every year. And that number should grow in the coming years. This means brokers of freight matter more than they ever have. A broker serves as the backbone of the US transportation industry. And through our course, you can start moving some of that eleven billion tons of freight. Check Start a Trucking Company With a US DOT Number. If you are a motor carrier within California state lines, you have to have a CA DOT number.

What Responsibilities Do Freight Brokers Have?

A broker of freight locates carriers on behalf of shippers. This way, the shipper can haul freight by way of the carriers. Each broker assumes financial responsibility when it comes to the shipping process. A broker of freight will pay agents and carriers, invoice shippers, and extend credit. Many carriers function as large US trucking companies. But other carriers work as small owner-operators with one truck for freight transportation. A shipper will communicate with agents and brokers of freight. This way, goods can get delivered to their destination. It’s up to a freight agent or broker to find the right carriers. Each broker of freight can use online load boards or an existing carrier database. Our course features training on how to use load boards to find freight opportunities.

How Do You Fill Out Carrier agreements for Household Goods? Say that a freight agent or broker finds an appropriate truck for a shipment. That agent or broker will negotiate a shipping rate between the carrier and shipper. Then, the carrier and shipper will agree to a date of delivery for the shipment. It’s now up to the  freight agent or broker to track the shipment. The agent/broker must ensure that all conditions of a contract stay in place. Say that conditions aren’t met. It’s up to the freight agent or broker to take care of a claim. And our training program can teach you all about processing claims as a broker of freight. Is your company considering acquiring hotshot authority

What's the Difference Between a Freight Agent & Broker?

Think of a freight agent as an independent salesperson. The agent makes sales on behalf of an independent broker or freight brokerage. Many freight agents work on commission. This way, they can focus on bringing in new customers. A broker isn’t as concerned about sales. The role of a broker is to manage the business between a carrier and shipper.

Want To Learn More About the Moving Authority Training Program? Contact Us Now

The transportation experts at Moving Authority are standing by right now. They're prepared to answer all your questions about working as a broker of freight. You're welcome to give us a phone call at any time. Or, you can message us on our official website or even send over an email. Does Your Company Need To Join an Alcohol and Drug Program for Testing?

Our Broker Authority Mover Package is all-inclusive. It contains everything that moving companies need within a single package. Please feel free to ask our team as many questions as you’d like. We can assess your career goals and provide a custom training program and course. This way, you can get on the fast-track toward working as a broker of freight. There's plenty of money that you can make in the transportation industry as a broker. All you need is the right online course and training program. And Moving Authority’s ready to provide you with the best one in the United States. A moving claims package can benefit both moving companies and customers.

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