Code of Ethics

Moving Authority and its membership stand united behind our official Code of Ethics. These ethics extend to exercising all services with honesty, integrity, and quality. This goes for trucking and moving services, restoration companies, and hotshot deliveries. Every member vows to serve the public in a fair, responsible manner. Engaging in the storage and transportation of household goods is no easy task. That’s why we founded Moving Authority. Our key purpose is to help ensure that all transportation organizations can thrive. And they must do so in an ethical manner. All members pledge to advance and uphold the principles and ideas written below.

The Moving Authority Code of Ethics: Section I

Our organization aims to provide a positive, enlightening message to all consumers. And that message begins with the notion of compliance. We encourage you and all other members to follow every compliance-related rule. This extends to all FMCSA and DOT rules and regulations. Plus, membership must also adhere to every local, state, and federal law. We recognize that there are many rules, laws, and regulations within the industry. That’s why the Moving Authority team is here to assist you. Our transportation experts can educate you on all rules and laws. This way, you can operate your business the right way.

Membership Code Section II: Arbitration

Adherence to rules, regulations, and laws is of the utmost importance. One key tenet of following them is to provide a claim within a thirty day period. Say that your claim gets denied. That’s when you should open an active arbitration case. This is a rule issued by the FMCSA. Your business must take part in an arbitration program on an annual basis. Every member should do this while operating an interstate commerce trucking business. You can access arbitration services on this website and then proceed to arbitration. The Moving Authority team can also connect you to arbitral and ADR specialists. This way, you could protect your business from experiencing court litigation. If you are a member, we can direct you (in the best possible way) toward success.

Our transportation and trucking industry experts are here for you. They can help you with any business issue or situation. Or, reference you to the correct third party business. Each business can provide the best service in your industry. And this applies to more than arbitration and ADR processes. Our operating staff stands by to assist companies facing many different issues.

Membership Code Section III: Terms of Operating as a Member

Joining our organization can position your business for ultimate success. But more than only your company can benefit. Our services help businesses which help consumers. Thus, through adherence to our code, consumers can achieve positive outcomes. This can apply to every consumer involved in a move that you perform. Our membership and code affects more than movers. It benefits the US trucking and transportation industry as a whole.

Please browse our website to learn more about the Moving Authority membership services. These services extend to every aspect of the transportation and trucking process. Say that you have questions about becoming a member. Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. Our industry professionals can answer all your questions. Please also direct questions to our team if you want to learn more about the Code of Ethics.

Membership Code Section IV: Treatment of Crew

The Moving Authority Code of Ethics helps ensure the fair treatment of any labor crew. While in command of your trucks, stay mindful of the conditions of your labor crew. Members must ensure that every crew gets equipped in a proper manner. This extends to providing and using the right moving equipment. Plus, first-rate operations and conditions must exist for all crew members and staff. Say that a move gets canceled. Your business must make ideal arrangements. This extends to transporting the crew back to the warehouse or home base.

There’s no limit to the crew-related guidance that Moving Authority provides. And that guidance extends to all trucking and moving companies. Our services also extend to helping to ensure the ultimate success of every crew member. We provide knowledge to transportation and trucking industry workers. This professional guidance then assists them in becoming upstanding moving operators.

Membership Code Section V: Tariff Publishing

Moving Authority excels at providing organizations with access to tariff services. These services extend to all crucial aspects of tariff publishing. We must enforce that our membership publishes moving tariffs in the correct manner. Say charges get applied to a customer from a company without a tariff. That’s considered a federal offense under interstate common carrier laws. This means you’ll have to return all money back to the customer. Plus, you could face expensive fines issued by authorities. Keep the following notion in mind when you’re inspected by an FMCSA agent. You will be required to perform your tariff for inspection. And it’s in your best interest to stay prepared for an inspection at all times.

Do you have questions about membership tariff publishing policies? Or, do you need help publishing moving tariffs? If so, please give the Moving Authority team a phone call today. Our experts can assist your business in publishing first-rate tariffs. We can do so fast and with 100 percent accuracy.

Membership Code Section VI: Ethics & Basic Tenets for Members

Our Code of Ethics for movers features ethical principles and tenets written below. When you become a member, Moving Authority can improve your duties. The code helps ensure that movers and consumers have a level of protection. A Moving Authority membership is unlike any other professional community. The membership provides crucial reminders and active communication. It can also allow your business to use our banner and logo on your website. You can also apply the banner/logo to paperwork, brochures, and even your trucks.

Moving Authority commits to providing the ideal level of professional customer service. This applies to every customer, consumer, mover, and shipper. Through our organization, every move matters. That’s why members must provide accurate and honest written estimates and charges. This takes place before the loading phase of a job. These estimates and charges extend to all paid services that a member provides. Honesty and accuracy also matters when it comes to pick-up and delivery time frames. Once again, these standard processes must convert into written form. This way, every shipper and consumer has a level of protection during a move. Consistent communication is another key tenet of a Moving Authority membership. Businesses and shippers must communicate in a positive manner to consumers. This way, the customers of a company can receive accurate and honest information.

Membership Code Section VII: Compliance

We promote the highest degrees of fairness, integrity, professionalism, and honesty. Moving Authority applies these principles all across the moving and transportation industries. Our team aims to rebuild the industry in a positive light. We do so not only through words, but through actions and executing services. Our experts can even provide ongoing education and training to members. Why? So that we can ensure our members issue the highest levels of provided services. Services cannot exist without adherence to state and federal regulations. It is crucial to also follow all DOT and FMCSA policies. And also any local ordinates. This includes public utilities in the state you're operating out of.

A member must understand and comply with all regulations that affect business practices. Compliance extends to more than state and federal rules and regulations. Members must adhere to high levels of safety standards and vehicle maintenance. And also the Drug and Alcohol Program for drivers. In fact, the safety of drivers is key. So too, is following driver qualification protocols. Moving Authority members must protect the safety of workers, operators, crew, and foremen. (And also forklift operators and other key roles.) Our safety policies also extend to the protection of members’ consumers. The aim is to prevent accidents and injury on US highways. That prevention encompasses all other aspects of vehicle transportation. (And also standard moving services and protocol.) When you follow compliance policies, you promote the dissolution of fraud. Plus, a member does away with unethical transportation industry practices.

Membership Code Section VIII: Other Tenets of Ethical Conduct & Safety

The tenets of the Moving Authority code apply to all members. No exceptions. Each member must hold, uppermost in their minds, the importance of well-being. We define well-being as the distribution of safety and compliance practices. After all, a consumer’s well-being is a member’s greatest responsibility. A member cannot permit personal desires or external pressures to influence judgment. Nor can a member jeopardize the safety of all parties involved with any transaction. Moving Authority members also do not neglect any detail that promotes safety. Every operation cannot get conducted in a careless or negligent manner.

We emphasize the importance of safety to protect involved parties at all times. A member must operate services in a manner that contributes to peace of mind. Comfort and well-being are outcomes that a member should seek through any transaction. Moving Authority must ensure each member instills trust in the consumer. And trust only exists once services get conducted through appropriate channels. Members should keep in mind that consumers depend on them. That’s why goods have to get delivered to their destination at the scheduled time.

Say that disaster strikes. A member must have processes in place to take needed actions that protect assets. It is the duty of each member to provide the consumer with access to crucial resources. This way, the potential for damage can get reduced. Every member must adhere to all directives by the FMCSA and DOT. We expect our members to maintain superb standing with all government organizations.

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