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Public moving services packed my house on 7/22/17 and was to deliver 8/22/17. They have not delivered my goods or even returned my calls. I purchased from public moving and services on 7/13/17. I dealt with Howard order #2777837. I was quoted and billed different numbers. I was quoted $3.75/sq ft only later to receive $4.00 per sq/ft. I was given a quote for my fridge to be included in the move. Upon the movers coming to my house of 7/29/17 they charged me another $300 for the fridge even when I told them it was on the quote and I already paid for it. The mover also dented and scratched my new fridge. I have before and after pictures. I have sent over 6 emails and 6 calls over the past 2 weeks's to Angela Anderson, Ellie Williams, Reggie Wood and the general # and general email. I have received zero communication. The contract states delivery in 21 business days. As of today 9/13/17 we are at 32 business days and I cannot even get a call or email back.

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Drew Ostrem

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