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This business has stolen their name from the one in Texas.!!Not the same company. I used them to move from Plymouth Ma. To Be. They lied to me telling me that the same truck that picked up my furniture would be the one that delivered it. This is why I went with them! My furniture was moved to a 18 wheeler, stored in Louisiana and then moved 2 other times. I called and ask where my things were and a woman named Maya who handled my moved lied to me. I spoke to each of the truckers and have their numbers. When it finally arrived it was delivered by Southern Van Lines out of Atlanta and they could not read English and everything THAT was marked in hugh letters FRAGILE WAS ON THE BOTTOM. I had other people's furniture. My new leather RECLINER scratched all over and cord into. My SOFA was MISSING along with other things. My valuable paintings destroyed. They only wanted to give me 700.00 DOLLARS. I have put in complaints everywhere I could. They should be put out of business. Liars!

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Brenda Bassett

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Plymouth, Ma.

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Griffin, Ga.

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