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I had extensive damage to my belongings. My 50" television was ruined, My expensive TV stand was bent in half and broken, A lot of water damage to items that were in plastic totes along with the totes being crushed and damaged. I am not sure if the first truck was in an accident or if they had an accident in their warehouse but when I received my belongings it looked as though things were gone through and repackaged. I found items in my belongings that did not belong to me in with my things. I am missing a lot of rare valuable coins (some of which were my great grandfathers) that I will probably never see again. I had dishes broken (even though they were securely pack with foam and inside hard plastic totes. One of the totes that my dishes were in the bottom was broken out of it. My $200 dollar suitcase has rips in it and one of the rubber wheels has half the wheel missing on it. I had everything neatly and securely packed when the movers arrived and it took them six weeks to deliver.

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Micah Tibbe

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4960 Poolside Dr, St. Cloud Florida, 34760

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2733 S Kingshighway Blvd. St. Louis MO 63139

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